Portland's Antifa Sets Up 'Autonomous Zone' in the Mayor's Neighborhood. It Doesn't Last Long

Street sign at the former Portland autonomous zone. Screenshot from video.

The Portland Police Department, now under the leadership of its new chief, moved quickly to smash an autonomous zone set up overnight in an expensive area near downtown – near the mayor’s house.


With a bullhorn, drums and loud music, antifa and Black Lives Matter demonstrators took over a portion of Portland’s Pearl District and placed barricades made out of city-owned street signs, stolen dumpsters, purloined picnic tables from local parks, and other found objects, to create a blocks-long perimeter shortly before midnight Wednesday.

The Portland antifa and Black Lives Matter activists named the area for Patrick Kimmons, who as independent journalist Andy Ngo notes, shot two people and then charged at police armed with his revolver, which is when police shot and killed him.

The antifa “Patrick Kimmons Autonomous Zone” in Portland is named after a black male who was killed by police in 2018 after he shot two people and charged at police with his revolver. Antifa wish he got away with killing more.

Portland’s Familiar Places, Familiar Faces

Antifa leaders quickly called for supplies to enforce the borders of the “PKAZ.”


Others joined in with encouragement and helpfully provided suggestions for future antifa targets, such as a police training center in SW Portland, which is “much more difficult to defend than the NE precinct.”

Antifa activist, “Luis the Leftist,” who asked for supplies, proclaimed “we ain’t going anywhere.” Apparently he was in for the long haul. He’s a long time activist with a rap sheet as long as antifa’s activity in Portland.

Even though “he ain’t going anywhere,”  it was just last weekend that Luis was in Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP threatening to “burn shit down” if “white America doesn’t want to get it right,” whatever that means.

Luis is as white as most people in the predominantly white Portland.

Here’s what he told videographer Elijah Schaffer.

“The only time we are heard is when we burn sh*t down

& if white America doesn’t want to get it right

they are going to see more burning, more looting..

Your kids are going to college, my kids are going to jail”

A citizen of #CHAZ, Chazinite, explains to me near the border


That’s right, Portland, US Attorney’s Office and the Department of Justice, Luis traveled across state lines to go to CHAZ in Seattle and, by the looks of it here, threaten people with violence. He actually made it on Fox News.

Portland Police Close Antifastan

Though he was in for the long haul, it turns out that the long haul wasn’t all that long. Luis and his antifa gang usually have the run of Portland’s streets, but it was not to be this time.

Police began moving in at 5:30 in the morning, hours after the activists had taken over a length of Eleventh Avenue in the Pearl District.

The recently divorced mayor and timber trustafarian is said have moved from his family’s home to the expensive condo high rises in The Pearl, which is reportedly why antifa selected the spot. And it’s also likely why this place was cleaned out so quickly by police.


Many of Portland’s far Left Liberatti call The Pearl their home. It sits on street car tracks where city officials get a free ride to city hall or ride their bikes on the bikes-only thoroughfares or traffic-calmed streets to get to their government jobs at Portland State or at favored local businesses and NGO’s that get sweet deals from local government that are located nearby.

Videographer Elijah Schaffer caught the mayor Thursday morning picking up trash left over from the destructive gang of protesters.

So at least antifa can say that they created a mess and the mayor had to clean up after them.

A group of these same activists, renamed for the moment as “Care Not Cops,” began demonstrating Wednesday morning because they deemed a $15,000,000 cut Wheeler and the local commissioners proposed for the police budget, too little. They targeted Wheeler’s neighborhood to extort more money.

One arrest was made in cleaning out the nest of antifa and BLM activists.



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