West Hollywood Orders Business Owners to Remove Christmas Lights

PJ Media addition to Getty Images picture of Christmas lights.

The West Hollywood City Hall sent letters to local businesses demanding Christmas lights be taken down. The letters place a hard deadline on the display of lights in America’s best known city for entertainment.


PJ Media obtained a letter to an anonymous small business from West Hollywood’s Department of Public Works urging the business to contact the Code Compliance Division to document the time the lights were first put up. The letter also noted that businesses are not allowed to use screws, bolts, or staples to display Christmas lights.

While the city only demanded the lights be taken down by March 21, it still sent the letter during the public celebration of Christmas.

This Grinch-style use of red tape to dampen West Hollywood’s Christmas spirit was first reported by This Is West Hollywood’s Scott Schmidt.

Businesses have been given ninety days to remove all decorations and reapply for a permit.

Does this timing make the City Hall’s letter a war on Christmas? What do the permit requirements mean for Christmas 2018?


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