Hundreds Plan to Moon Trump Tower in Chicago ... Over Tax Returns

Image via Shutterstock, the Trump Tower in Chicago.

Since President Donald Trump was elected, protesters have knit “pussyhats” and dressed like vaginascarried barbells and Kleenex boxes, and handed out condoms. But the craziness is only just beginning. According to a Facebook event, over 600 protesters will bare their behinds before Trump Tower in Chicago next Sunday, in a last-ditch effort to get the president to release his tax returns.


“If 500 people go up to that tower and pull their pants down it’s not going to go unnoticed, and that’s the goal,” 20-year-old event organizer Bailey Davis told DNA Info. “If you ridicule [Trump] or make him feel like he’s the loser, that’s how he blows up. That’s what makes The Donald implode.”

Well, good luck with that, Davis. Trump lost quite a few primaries, and he even lost the popular vote in the general election (which is just symbolic, after all), but the president is unlikely to really see himself as a loser. In fact, if this plan goes through, I’d expect him to laugh and ridicule them on Twitter.

And indeed, it looks as though the event will actually happen. There are already 679 who have signed up to go on the Facebook event (with more committing every few minutes), and 2,500 have marked themselves as “interested.”

On Facebook, “Chicago Moons the Trump Tower” has a code name: “Operation ‘Kiss Our Asses, Release Your Taxes!'” Sponsored by the online media outlet S#!TSHOW, the event is set to begin with a meet up at 3:30 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, February 12. “At the crack of 4:00 PM (pun intended), we’ll pull down our pants for a whole 10 seconds and send a powerful message to the Washington elites.”


Another Chicago protest, also aiming to get Trump to release his tax returns, has reportedly been planned for Tax Day, April 15.

“Donald Trump doesn’t think the American people want to see his tax returns, so let’s show him that we do in the classiest way possible!” the event explains, adding the hashtag #RumpsAgainstTrump. Yes, classy indeed… especially on a Sunday.

The event also provided a legal justification for their action: “In 2006, a Maryland state circuit court determined that mooning is a form of artistic expression protected by the First Amendment as a form of speech.” Naturally, the protest will take place in Illinois, not Maryland, so the precedent could be rejected.

CBS Local reported that it seems unlikely the act will break Illinois law, however, since the intent is not to “arouse or satisfy the sexual desire of the person.” Nevertheless, Chicago has an indecent exposure law, stipulating that if the buttocks “is exposed to public view or is not covered by an opaque covering,” individuals could face a fine between $100 and $500.


To get a feel for S#!TSHOW’s style of humor, here is a video from the inauguration. The outlet has a tiny Facebook following (only 800 people), but looks to be gaining some exposure — at least of Chicago’s posterior.


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