Environmentalists Hand Out Condoms to Protest Feared Trump-Era Overpopulation

An environmental group handed out 10,000 free "endangered species condoms" at New Year's Eve events and on college campuses nationwide to mark 2017 in a show of protest against President-elect Trump.

The Center for Biological Diversity said the condom giveaway was meant to highlight overpopulation amid fears of Trump policies on contraception along with fears of what could happen to protected wildlife species under his administration.

“Many women are already worrying about what life under President Trump is going to mean for access to affordable birth control. It’s a very real possibility that the Affordable Care Act will be gutted and contraception costs will skyrocket,” Leigh Moyer, the center’s population organizer, said in a statement. “Human population growth drives the majority of environmental problems, so making it harder to prevent unplanned pregnancy isn’t good news for women or for wildlife.”

The enviro-condoms project -- using vegan, fair-trade condoms free of animal by-products -- has been around since 2009, with contraceptives bearing phrases such as "wrap with care... save the polar bear" and "use a stopper… save the hopper."

The center says strong population growth in states such as Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Florida is linked to pressure on regional wildlife.

Today the group kicks off a 16-city "roadshow of resistance" against the Trump presidency called Earth2Trump, featuring "national and local speakers, live music and an opportunity to join a growing movement of resistance to all forms of oppression and all attacks on reproductive rights and our environment."