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US, NATO Now Pulling Out of Afghanistan Government Ministries

Because Afghan government troops have killed 4 US troops in the wake of the latest round of insane violence and riots:

Two American officers were shot dead inside the Interior Ministry building here on Saturday, and NATO responded by immediately pulling all its advisers out of Afghan ministries in Kabul, in a deepening of the crisis over the American military’s burning of Korans at a NATO military base.

The order by the NATO commander, Gen. John R. Allen, came on the fifth day of virulent anti-American demonstrations across the country, and it was a clear sign of concern that the fury had reached deeply into even the Afghan security forces and ministries working most closely with the coalition.

On Sunday, the Interior Ministry said in a statement that it had identified a suspect who had fled and was “believed to be an employee of one of the departments of the Interior Ministry.”


We’ve been working with these Interior Ministry troops for years. Now we’re pulling out of that and other ministries, because the people in those ministries, with whom our troops have been working closely for years, are killing our troops over a contrived spasm of rage generated by our enemies.

We’re supposed to civilize a country in which we’re now pulling out of the government ministries because we can no longer trust anyone working in those ministries.

Let that sink in.

Hamid Karzai is still calling for the prosecution of our troops, who inadvertently burned Korans that our enemies — ours as well as Karzai’s — were using to communicate. These troops committed no crime. They are in Afghanistan, among other things, keeping Mr. Karzai alive.

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