The Morning Briefing: Plenty of Blame to Go Around in Latest GOP Debt Deal Fizzle

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Oops, they did it again.

Another debt ceiling negotiation has come and gone and, if you have been paying attention to politics as long as I have, they begin to take on a familiar pattern.

The dance goes something like this. The Democrats drag out the “negotiating” for as long as they can. This is usually accomplished by not negotiating at all, which is the tactic Biden employed during the last one.

This is done because the Democrats know that their flying monkeys in the mainstream media will lie about the Republicans even more than usual. The Republicans will shut down the government, Grandma won’t get her Social Security check (they have a weird fixation with grandmas), and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will then maraud freely, stealing candy from children because park rangers can’t work if there’s no budget.

Never mind the fact that, if the government shuts down because there’s no deal reached to raise the debt ceiling, the blame is on both parties. Republicans are horrible at getting that kind of messaging out.

In the end, the debt ceiling gets raised, and the United States government continues to spend taxpayer money like a drunk Kennedy cousin in Rio for Carnival.

Robert wrote a rather scathing review of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s performance in reaching this latest agreement:

How’s that again? You let government grow, but at a slower rate? This is precisely what establishment Republicans have been doing for decades, earning the justified ire and contempt of millions of patriots: they have let the statist, socialist Democrats set the agenda and largely agreed to it, while just quibbling with a bit here and there, or promising to get the whole thing done more cheaply and efficiently.


I respect Robert’s take, but I don’t fault McCarthy for all of this. All in all, he’s surprised me since January. As Robert noted in the above quote, this has been the GOP’s modus operandi for a long time now. I’ve been a conservative/Republican activist for almost 40 years, and I can only think of a handful of Republicans who were serious about reining in spending in any given session of Congress.

I remember listening to an interview with Charles Koch several years ago and hearing him say something to the effect that the Democrats have us going 100 mph on the road to financial ruin while the Republicans are only doing 80. At either speed, when you hit the wall, you’re toast.

Spencer Brown writes over at Townhall that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis isn’t a fan of the deal:

Joining Fox & Friends on Monday morning, DeSantis criticized what he called a “massive amount of spending” in the Biden-McCarthy deal, one that is “totally inadequate” to get America’s fiscal house “in a better spot.”

“Prior to this deal our country was careening towards bankruptcy, and after this deal our country will still be careening towards bankruptcy,” DeSantis said.

America’s fiscal house hasn’t been in a good spot for a very long time. COVID-19 almost burned the house down. Politicians on both sides of the aisle got a little too happy to spend taxpayer money to bring “relief” to beleaguered Americans who they had forced to stop working. It was a classic case of the government creating a problem, then offering a solution to the problem which eventually creates more problems.


Wealthy Democratic politicians (redundant, I know) don’t care about spending as long as they can keep printing money. They then don’t care about the havoc which that wreaks. A loaf of white bread could cost five grand because of inflation, and the Dems will insist that it was all worth it.

Sadly, a lot of Republicans will too.

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