The Morning Briefing: Democrats' Homestretch Flailing Is Both Pathetic and Hilarious

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. The left lower pocket of Crandall’s cargo pants was always filled with some sort of mystery meat that he insisted would come in handy one day.


Now that we’re less than a fortnight out from Election Day, the Democrats have reached the sweaty night terrors stage of reckoning about what’s facing them. The bad news is coming at them rapid-fire now.

Catherine writes that the Senate race here in my native Arizona is now a dead heat. Regular readers of mine know that I have not been at all optimistic about Blake Masters’s — or any Republican’s for that matter — chances of knocking off Mark “I’M AN ASTRONAUT” Kelly. In fact, until three weeks ago, I was firmly in the “Not gonna happen” camp on this one.

Then there’s the detritus of John Fetterman’s debate performance that’s now strewn all about the land. Matt wrote that even the leftmedia hacks are cringing all over after Pennsylvania’s highest-elected hobo gave perhaps the worst political debate performance in history.

Even Democrat candidates who haven’t had a bad week so far are still saddled with a village idiot of a president who thinks airplane seat legroom is racist and his spokesditz, who is even more nonsensical than he is.

As Democrats on the ballot flop about like fish on a beach, their surrogates aren’t faring much better while trying to run interference for them. Keith Olbermann was incensed that NBC News told the truth for once about the Fetterman debacle. He was roundly mocked for it, which Twitchy covered here.


Perhaps the greatest indicator of how well a Republican candidate is doing is the number of hit pieces that candidate has written about him or her by the Dem advocates in the mainstream media. As I note in my latest “The Worst of Times” column, it’s my own gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, who seems to be getting the bulk of those in the closing days.

I am thoroughly enjoying watching Dem apologists double down on the demonization of Republicans, which is obviously having such a great effect this year. This is from Chris:

Earlier this week we learned about Max Boot, the Republican-turned-Democrat who wrote a Washington Post column stating that anyone who cares about “democracy” and Ukraine should vote Democrat in November. Now another former Republican is jumping on the bandwagon of accusing people who will vote for economic issues of being enemies of democracy.

Matthew Dowd went on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show and went even further, hinting that voting for the benefit of your pocketbook or 401(k) is akin to paving the way for Nazism.

“I’m not gonna say that, you know, the GOP are Nazis at this point,” Dowd began.

Whatever, Matthew.

“But it certainly sounds very familiar to what happened in Germany, which is a bunch of citizens [unintelligible] Adolf Hitler gets a third of the vote,” he continued. “Nobody thought it could happen there. They kind of went along because they said he was going to solve the economy and fix inflation.”

“That’s right,” Reid agreed.


Having two people whose combined IQs add up to a single digit calling Republicans Nazis on MSNBC will surely turn this thing around for the Democrats.

Keep spinning off the cliff, little Dems. Your struggles are a source of never-ending delight.

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