It's (Not) Official: Twitter Has a New 'Chief Twit'

Britta Pedersen/Pool via AP

“Chief Twit” Elon Musk — equal parts Henry Ford, Werner von Braun, and (never forget) P.T. Barnum — has sneakily made it all-but-official that he’s the new man in charge of that social media dumpster fire known as Twitter.


The founder and CEO of electric automaker Tesla and revolutionary space launch company SpaceX has been in a months-long battle to buy the social media platform, seemingly on a whim. Except when he was battling not to buy Twitter, seemingly because he’d gained a strong notion about what a bot-filled dumpster fire the site really is.

But according to a court-approved deal, Musk is officially on the hook for the $44 billion he’d originally offered earlier this year, even though now most everyone is sure it’s actually worth much less.

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Yesterday, Forbes reported that Musk had informed the banks helping bankroll his buyout that “he plans to close the deal by Friday.”

Well, here we are on Wednesday, and here’s Musk’s updated Twitter bio:


No one seems to know exactly when Musk made the change, but since we’re all 110% certain that he mans his own pseudo-crazy Twitter feed, it wasn’t the work of some underpaid underling.

Musk is, so far, silent on the new bio. Today his feed consists mostly of gleeful slams against the New York Times while praising Twitter for encouraging “citizen journalism.”

And just as I’m writing this quickie column, look at what Musk posted mere minutes ago:

Elon, you are clear to launch.


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