The Morning Briefing: Lib Twitter Tantrum, Day 2—Send Fainting Couches and Diapers

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Dalton learned how to make the most delightful Crab Rangoon while serving time for embezzlement.


As Monday rolled into Tuesday, the leftist shrieking about Elon Musk and Twitter not only hadn’t abated, it had become even more shrill. Imagine millions of grownups taking on the characteristics of a child in his terrible twos who was being raised by parents who had yet to say “no” to him. Alleged adults spent time that they could have used productively engaged in a collective snot-bubble meltdown.

Not gonna lie, from a distance it was a lot of fun to watch.

Sure, I lamented the fact that so many Americans are so emotionally fragile that they can’t contribute to society but, let’s be honest, they haven’t been good for anything for a long time now. Why not hop on the Schadenfreude Express?

These people are so pathetically fragile it’s nigh on impossible to avoid heaping mockery on them. It would be one thing if they were experiencing real trauma, but these idiots are afraid of a fiction that they created.

Paula had my favorite story from yesterday:

Project Veritas on Tuesday night released a leaked audio (listen below) from an all-hands meeting at Twitter in the wake of the company’s purchase by Elon Musk.

In attendance at the meeting, which lasted around 45 minutes, were Bret Taylor, a Twitter board member, and Parag Agrawal, CEO of the company.

Twitter CMO Leslie Berland moderated the crying room and set the tone by asking what the board and Musk plan to do to about the “mass exodus of employees, considering the acquisition is by a person with questionable ethics.”


Seriously, it’s difficult not to root for a complete house cleaning at this point. I don’t like seeing people lose their jobs, but people who voluntarily leave their jobs because they’re blithering idiots deserve a lot of derision.

Group therapy sessions for recently divorced people don’t involve as much discussion of feelings as this meeting did. It is stunning that Twitter was able to function at all as a major company with diaper-filling children like this running the place. The tone of the meeting was along the lines of “Chins up, we’re going to try to press on and continue being the emotionally unstable fascist cretins that we’ve always been.”

I may have indulged in some creative license there.

Here’s Paula’s conclusion:

The “feelings” and “emotions” the executives acknowledged may have been quelled somewhat by Agrawal’s suggestion that the platform’s content moderation policies censorship will continue. Time will tell if Musk, who hasn’t yet taken control of the company, will be able to accomplish his ambitious list of goals for Twitter, but I think we can all agree that it can’t get much worse.

Adding to the kids’ misery is the fact that their former boss Jack Dorsey is Team Elon now, which I covered in my latest column.


There is no sympathy to be offered here because all — and I do mean all — of this is unnecessary. They’re nervous because they’re awful. Allow me to explain further:

Go to work somewhere else, lefty simpletons. Better yet, go to therapy then go meet someone in person who has differing political opinions than you. Maybe have a conversation that’s not in a “safe space.”

You’ll find everyday life a lot less traumatic after that.

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