The Morning Briefing: Confirmed—Blue State Commies Had the Worst COVID Policies

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Thad in Accounting is taking some time away to acclimate to his emotional support hamster.


These past two years have been a real hoot, haven’t they? Illness, death, fascism…it’s been a wild ride. Throughout it all, those of us on the freedom-loving side of the aisle have been called science-haters, grandma-killers, and a host of other derogatory names for merely questioning the competence of government at all levels.

As those of us who’ve long harbored a healthy distrust of the government know, the government will eventually prove that we were smart for doing so.

The Church of Fauci spent two years speaking with its own secular version of papal infallibility. For a few months now, we’ve seen trickles of evidence regarding the damage by lockdowns and school closures.

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Of course, while it was happening we were questioning it all. People were losing jobs, family businesses, and hope. At the beginning of the pandemic, the response was forgivable — nobody knew what was going on. It shortly became obvious that the heavy hand of bureaucratic COVID-19 panic was doing more harm than good.

Now there’s some news about whether red states or blue states fared better with their varying responses, which Kevin wrote about:

new study that ranks how well states handled the China Flu reveals two important facts: the states that did the worst are almost all Democrat-run, and they followed Fauci’s advice.

The study was published by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity and compares the states based on COVID-19 deaths as well as the economic and educational impact of each state’s mandates.

The study shows that states that locked down and closed schools the longest scored the worst. Leading the way was New Jersey, which scored the only F-. New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Virginia all bombed as well, with each earning an F. The entire West Coast got a D. (There was no E rating.)


Let us all take a moment to remember that New York’s response — which is graded here among the worst — was routinely being praised by the media and held up as a model for what the federal government should have been doing. The prominent voices in the Democrat fever-dream were talking about ways to insert then-Governor Andrew Cuomo in as their nominee to run for president. It was surreal.

Guess where things were going well though?

The study also affirms another obvious truth; states that scored the highest are the ones that didn’t embrace commie-style lockdowns. Nine states scored an “A” rating: Florida, Georgia, Utah, Iowa, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Vermont, and South Dakota, all of which except Colorado are governed by Republicans.

Arizona was pretty much in sync with what Georgia was doing so I don’t know why we were given a “B.”

The Democrat Media Complex has been pretending that they and their political masters haven’t been wrong about almost all things COVID. In fact, the commies who run Philadelphia just reinstated an indoor mask mandate despite there being no reason whatsoever to do so:

The most galling aspect of all of this is that the Democrats and their media mouthpieces used their ineptitude as cover for changing election laws on the fly and introducing a variety of last-minute irregularities into the process of voting to elect the most powerful man on Earth.


Because leftists are incapable of self-reflection or self-awareness, they’ll never admit how wrong they were.

Which means they will eventually do it all again if given a chance.

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