The Morning Briefing: Biden's SCOTUS Pick Will Undoubtedly Be Tragic

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Palm fronds are most useful on the third date.

Here we are again, dealing with the fact that the Democrats are about to unleash some diversity politics horror on the United States of America,


Democrats will say everything I’m writing here is racist and, as always, they’ll be wrong.

They’re the racists because they judge everyone by the color of their skin. As we discussed last week, the American left is constantly shredding the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

The guy who some people are saying is the President of the United States is now in a position to nominate a judge to the Supreme Court. Insane Uncle Joe has promised to nominate a Black woman for this most esteemed position, and there was applause all around on the left. “Yay diversity!” and stuff.

Here’s the thing though: the first time Grandpa Diversity Joe had the chance to move a Black woman up the judicial ladder he said “No.”

While the nomination of a Black woman to the Supreme Court would be historic, the exclusion of Black conservative judges taints the progress that Biden and the Democrats will celebrate.

Biden will saddle us with a Supreme Court pick who makes Stephen Breyer look like William Rehnquist. It won’t tip the balance of the court just yet, but it will be another brick in the communist wall that the Democrats are building.

There’s a lot at stake this year. Keeping the Dems from making their commie wall is a priority for those of us who are fans of liberty.


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