The Morning Briefing: ICYMI—Portland Is Still an Antifa/BLM/Commie Hell Hole

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I actually do want to know how the sausage is made.

I don’t know how many of you have ever been to Portland, but it was once a great city. It had all that Oregon-ness about it that I love visiting but would never want to live in. Yeah, it’s full of hippies, but hippies do serve a purpose. They’re usually great for coffee, beer, and food. Portland was top-notch for all of those. Entertainment provided by heavily-tatted leftists who pretend they hate capitalism is always worth the money.


I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Unfortunately, the City of Roses is being crushed under the weight of its leftist lust and the idiot commies who have been running it for far too long.

Portland has played a game of “Left and More Left” politically ever since the George Floyd peaceful-but-flammable protests broke out last summer. Its mayor is a lefty loon who kept standing amid the peaceful wreckage left in the wake of every antifa and Black Lives Matter protest and assuring everyone that all was well with the world.

Not surprisingly, Portland was an early adopter of the “defund the police” madness. We all know how that’s been going.

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Things never really got any better up there in the Northwest, but that fact has largely dropped off the radar.

Kevin wrote a post yesterday about the latest episode in Portland’s violent, cop-hating drama:

You want the cops gone? Deal. Portland’s entire Rapid Response Team, cops who volunteer for riot control duty, voted unanimously to resign on Wednesday, effectively leaving the city in the hands of antifa. The riot cops’ decision follows the criminal indictment of one of their own for assault, stemming from a riot in August 2020, a police source told The Post Millennial.

On the night of August 18, 2020, antifa skirts threw a Molotov cocktail firebomb into the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department Headquarters as the Rapid Response Team struggled to contain the riot. Rapid Response Officer Budworth hit a rioter from behind with a baton, as seen in a video with no context whatsoever.

In a statement released after the indictment, District Attorney Mike Schmidt said, “In this case, we allege that no legal justification existed for Officer Budworth’s deployment of force, and that the deployment of force was legally excessive under the circumstances.”

“Now that the riot team is no more, we have no clue what’s going to happen. We don’t have enough patrol officers to be pulled from the road to handle huge crowds,” a Portland police officer told The Post Millennial. “We are only backups with no gear like the riot team has.”


‘Tis a conundrum, ’tis it not?

The topsy-turvy world of blue city priorities is at its worst in Portland. Criminal organizations like Antifa and BLM are given free rein to sow their seeds of destruction while the peacekeepers are vilified and railroaded by the local kangaroo justice system.

The idiots in charge might finally be figuring out the flaw in that approach:

It’s not likely that anyone can save Portland. Its politics are left of Havana, its citizens too stoned and woke to see what’s happening in front of them. There doesn’t seem to be any level of awfulness that would prompt a correction back to law and order.

It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out in other blue municipalities. There seem to be different levels of crazy on the American left, and Portland happens to be the worst of them. The situation in Washington isn’t going to help. His handlers program the alleged president to bark every far-left talking point that fires up groups like antifa and BLM. They’re going to continue to be emboldened as long as he is befouling the Oval Office.

Obviously, the biggest question is whether the Democrats who inhabit these cities will continue to participate in the progressive lemming run off the cliff of sanity and fall to the madness below. It looks like many of them aren’t as down with the struggle as they thought they might be a year ago.


Sadly, the Dems of Portland all seem to have made the trip over the cliff already.

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