The Morning Briefing: The Democrats Want Your Ammo and Your Freedom

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Democrats Want You Defenseless 

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. My head has never been on a pike.

It’s difficult these days to be an unabashed fan of the United States Constitution, what with it being under assault by so many who swore to uphold it. Welcome to Joe Biden’s America, and say goodbye to every freedom you held dear.


I really wish I were being over the top about this, but I read and stuff. This asterisked occupier administration continually exhibits a disdain for all of the freedom parts of the Constitution. They like the part where they can tax you to death but they hate almost everything else.

Because they’re full-on fascists, they harbor an extraordinary amount of animosity for the 2nd Amendment. Totalitarians fear a citizenry that can fight back, so they have a relentless focus on making sure that doesn’t happen.

Grandpa Gropes began his highly questionable occupation of the Oval Office with a host of promises to the left-of-left fringe that is now the Democratic Party. The puppet president has been clear from the beginning that he wants to take away the right of American citizens to defend themselves.

Anti-gun Democrats have always faced two problems: the 2nd Amendment and the fact that most Democrats in flyover country are gun owners. Their legislative efforts to thwart the right of the people to defend themselves fail miserably because the people have an annoying penchant for wanting to defend themselves.

Being the ever-inventive totalitarian control freaks they are, the Democrats are forever seeking new ways to take away your gun rights. The new frontier for the next-gen Soviets is going after the ammunition market.

Bryan took a look yesterday at the ammo shortage in America. The frightening governmental overreach during the Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu pandemic has created a boom market for firearms. I’ve almost lost count of how many people I know who bought their first gun in the last year. Market forces would naturally make ammo supply a problem. As Bryan notes in his post, it’s getting kind of expensive out there.


As a resident of the freest gun state in America, I never had a problem getting ammo. I got mine at my local Ace Hardware. A couple of months ago, they ran out completely. I had to make my first foray into the online ammo market and my wallet immediately began to ache.

Our sister site Bearing Arms has been covering the backdoor push to assault the 2nd Amendment via ammo control. Thankfully, as my Bearing Arms colleague Tom Knighton wrote, it’s not going to be that easy.

It doesn’t mean they won’t stop trying though. The anti-2A people will go after ammo, magazines, and anything else having to do with owning or firing a gun. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went for a holster ban one day.

Two things are certain for gun owners: they’re coming after us and they’re going to keep being creative about ways to do it.

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