The Morning Briefing: Harris Takes Over Border Mess as Biden Carries Out Perfect Bloodless Coup Against Himself

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Biden Gives President Harris the Keys to the Kingdom

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Broccolini amuses me as a word and delights me as a food. More garlic, please.


It is good to be back, I’ve missed our morning get-togethers. Many thanks to Stephen, Bryan, and Paula for running the show while I was enjoying some quality time with my family. It was a blessing to not have to worry about anything.

Side note: it may take me a month to be properly hydrated again after this trip.

As is my wont during downtime, I avoided much of the news once I left for the airport last Friday. There were a couple of times when people began to talk about politics around me but I made it clear that I had no interest in talking shop.

The Briefing I wrote just before leaving led with an examination of just how awful Joey Scranton is at this POTUS stuff. It was right after he’d said “President Harris” again. I returned from five days off the political grid to find that things had gotten worse by orders of magnitude previously unseen in the history of U.S. presidential ineptitude. We all knew that this empty vessel placeholder president would be utterly incompetent. It’s as if he and his handlers are actively trying to do the worst job possible. They seem to wake up every day and say, “What’s going really well that we can completely screw up before dinner time?”

And, credit where credit is due, they manage to go out and do just that.

Joe Biden’s puppet masters have now decided that they either need a scapegoat or a rapid transition to President Harris to deal with the border crisis:


As the border crisis gets worse, the president is beginning to realize that this is an issue that could ruin his presidency. And when presidents get in trouble, they cast about looking for someone that he could blame if things really go south.

Forget about Harry Truman and “the buck stops here” in the Oval Office. The buck stops where the president wants it to. And Joe Biden is dropping this border crisis like a hot potato.

Right into the lap of his Vice President Kamala Harris — who laughed when asked if she was going to visit the border.

“This increase has been consequential,” the president said at an afternoon event announcing the move. “I can’t think of nobody who is better qualified than, this a woman who led the second-biggest attorney general’s office in America,” he said, referring to her time as California’s AG.

As with most Biden proclamations, this one is nonsensical. Her Veepiness has no real qualifications for this at all. Being the chief law enforcement officer of a state that lets its border with Mexico get overrun as a matter of policy certainly has not prepared her for this moment.

Here in the state with the most vulnerable stretch of border with Mexico, my governor wasn’t very pleased with the announcement:


Ed had a great post over at Hot Air that examined the several different ways this move could be read. First, there is the one that I alluded to above:

Alternate headline: President Kamala Harris finally makes her debut. Actually, my second thought would be … what did Harris do to make Joe Biden this angry with her? Having screwed up his immigration messaging and provoked a record-breaking humanitarian crisis on the border with Mexico, Biden’s now punting the mess to the Democrats’ future nominee

And here is the even more interesting question:

And isn’t it an interesting coincidence that this decision comes the day before his first full press conference? The White House clearly expected Biden to get peppered with detailed questions on border policy, questions which might have led to some uncomfortable moments. Now Biden can just pass the questions to Harris, and stick to cheery-but-generic pablum.

I tend to agree that this move was probably made in haste to ensure that Biden can exceed the low bar set for him during the long-delayed presser.

Still, there is a palpable sense that even those who are enjoying controlling the government through him know that this gig has an extremely limited shelf life. They seem to be resigned to the fact that they’ll be exhausted by trying to keep up the pretense that Ol’ Gropes is in charge of anything. They may as well get people used to seeing Harris hold the reins. Poor Joe probably doesn’t even know that he just participated in a coup to replace him.


The only things in life that used to be certain were death and taxes. We can now add, “the Biden administration being worse than anyone imagined” to the list.

I’m going to go watch Apocalypse Now again just to cheer up.

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