The Morning Briefing: Can the Democrats Start 2021 With Another Stolen Election?

Credit Perdue for Senate
Will Democrat Duplicity Be On Display In Georgia?

Happy, Happy Tuesday, my dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I’m thinking of writing an advice column.


Yesterday when I was writing about what a big week of political drama we had ahead of us, I completely neglected to mention the fun we’re about to have in Georgia. I would like to say that there was something deep and planned behind that but it was just old-fashioned denial.

The kind of denial that leads to blocking something out completely.

In the immediate post-November election “What next?” hangover I felt that the Georgia runoff situation was going to be OK. I figured that David Perdue was safe. He’d barely missed avoiding the runoff, after all.

The Kelly Loeffler situation was a little bit weirder, however. I don’t know much about her as a candidate but everything I read about her Democratic opponent Raphael Warnock leaves me wondering how that race is even close. By all accounts, Warnock is a whack-job. My colleague Beth Baumann over at Townhall had some election-eve news about him:

Senate hopeful Rev. Raphael Warnock’s (D) campaign staffers were caught admitting that the candidate has far-left policy positions and he frequently lies to Georgians in an attempt to get elected.

“You know police officers are not all good, you know what I am saying? Most of them are bad, we know that,” the campaign’s Director of Small Business Engagement, Sasha Williams said in one of Project Veritas’ undercover video.

According to the campaign’s finance assistant, Derrick Bhole, Warnock has repeatedly lied to Georgia voters about his stance on law enforcement.

“So, he avoids using ‘defunding the police’ because he knows that the Republicans are going to try to grab onto it and attack, right?” Bhole asked rhetorically. “But, in reality, his whole platform with police reform, is along the lines of the same people who are saying ‘defund the police.'”

Even though Warnock supports the Defund the Police movement, Bhole said the candidate decided not to use “the same rhetoric” as others.


So he’s a garden variety progressive cop-hater but he’s pretending not to be.

Warnock also calls himself “Reverend” but he’s very pro-abortion.

And he might win an election in Georgia?

The Peach State was rife with “irregularities” during the general election. My biggest fear is that there hasn’t been enough time to figure out what all of them were yet. And if there is a way to game the system and get a pro-abortion, cop-hater elected to the United States Senate from Georgia, the Democrats will have figured it out.

Many of the conservatives I’ve talked to about this in the past week have expressed resignation that Georgia is a lost cause for the Republicans. That’s not surprising. It’s difficult to be optimistic or have faith in the process after the you-know-what-show of an election we just went through.

The country is well and truly screwed if the Democrats pick up both of these seats.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst and, again, maybe start working on your Mandarin.

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