The Morning Briefing: Savannah Guthrie Was a Good Pet for Her DNC Masters During Trump Town Hall

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Savannah Guthrie Deserves a Treat From the Democrats

Happy Friday, my dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. The first round is on me. Round of what, I don’t know.


We got dueling town hall events last night to replace the debate that was canceled because President Trump wouldn’t agree to a virtual encounter. That was a wise move on his part, of course. Biden probably would have been awash in cue cards and cheat sheets during a virtual debate.

There was some controversy when NBC decided to schedule its event with President Trump opposite ABC’s Night of Love With George Stephanopoulos and Joe Biden. The network caught flack on social media from outraged Dems who didn’t want attention to be drawn away from ABC’s in-kind contribution to the Harris-Biden campaign.

In response to the criticism, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie decided that she would be a shrill attack dog while questioning President Trump. While Grandpa Gropes was being verbally caressed by Stephanopoulos on ABC, the president was subjected to a barrage of ridiculousness from a partisan, agenda-driven shrieking harridan in the form of Guthrie.

Using a rapid-fire, aggressive cadence that sounded more like a woman who was mad at her boyfriend for partying with his friends than a journalist, Guthrie behaved like one would expect someone from NBC News to behave toward a Republican.

Guthrie’s performance was the subject of an ongoing gush-fest from other journalists on Twitter, like this revealing tweet from the CBS News White House reporter:

Weird, I thought she was there to moderate the town hall, not combat the president.


The cheering section for Guthrie was the death rattle of American political journalism. It was difficult to figure out which was more embarrassing: Guthrie or her fan club.

Naturally, Trump handled himself well during Guthrie’s hackfest. Axios said he was “confident and combative.”

Over at Townhall, Reagan McCarthy details Trump’s winning counterpunches. Here is one of my favorites from her post:

Guthrie tries to steamroll him and he isn’t having any of it.

Meanwhile, over on ABC, Biden was tripping all over himself, which Tyler wrote about here.

Jeff wrote about Biden’s stamina, or lack thereof:

During the bizarre scene of the dueling town hall events between Joe Biden and Donald Trump on Thursday night, several PJ Media columnists took on the task of live blogging what unfolded. We all watched as a de facto debate unfolded in separate locations and with separate treatment for each candidate. Trump got a consistent stream of hostile questions, and Biden faced a softball environment. Even with about three times as many breaks, Biden showed significant signs of fatigue and a lack of focus toward the end, calling into question his capacity to handle the job of POTUS.

Let these idiot propagandists continue to embarrass themselves. The karmic payback for what they’ve been doing since 2016 is going to be unrelenting.


And fun to watch.

Have a great weekend.

I’ve Found Where I’m Moving to Get Away After the Election


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