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California GOP to Keep 'Unofficial' Ballot Dropboxes

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

The California Republican Party has placed “unofficial” ballot dropboxes for mail-in ballots and Democrats don’t like it.

Apparently, the Democrats are the only ones who should be allowed to harvest votes. For some reason, they don’t trust the Republicans with the responsibility of collecting ballots from citizens and handing them in to the clerk’s office.

They are calling the homemade dropboxes “illegal.” But don’t they want it to make it easier to vote? Why are Democrats trying to suppress the vote?

At any rate, the GOP is refusing to remove them after a court order telling them to, and they vow to fight on.


The party made their intentions clear in a letter to the California Secretary of State on Wednesday. In the letter, attorneys for the state GOP say all of the ballot boxes deployed by the party are indoors, staffed by volunteers or party officials, secure and not labeled “official.”

While images of the ballot boxes have shown the boxes labeled as “official,” the state GOP said it did not authorize the use of that term and had it removed.

There’s always some joker who never gets the message.

“The California Republican Party did not promote, or authorize the promotion of, the secure boxes as ‘official mail drop boxes,'” the letter states. “When we learned that a sign using the word ‘official’ was used in some locations on Saturday, October, 10, 2020, we corrected that error immediately and within hours.”

Democrats have based their entire campaign on the notion of trust: trust people who show up at the polls that they’re eligible and legally allowed to vote; trust those who mail ballots in that they are who they say they are; trust the clerks to give a fair and accurate count of the vote. That’s a lot of people to trust when simple verification procedures would make it harder to defraud the vote.

But they can’t trust the California Republican Party to deliver votes?

Casting the unofficial boxes as “wrong no matter who is doing it,” Padilla had explained to CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “Prime Time” Monday evening that the operation doesn’t have a “chain of custody, and we don’t have the requirements or regulations for these fake drop boxes as you do for the official drop boxes.”

“We have a ton of requirements on official drop boxes,” he continued. “That’s where we should be driving voters to.”

Since the “chain of custody” involves handing the dropbox from one Republican to another, what does it matter?

How secure are these dropboxes? The “official” dropboxes have security measures so that someone can’t just break in and fool with the ballots. But in a one-party dictatorship like California, how much can you really trust that your vote will be counted correctly?

About as far as you can throw a dropbox.

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