Election 2020

BREAKING: Biden-Harris Campaign Staffers Test Positive for COVID-19

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Kamala Harris has suspended in-person events until Monday after two campaign staffers tested positive for COVID, reports the Associated Press. Harris was supposed to travel to the battleground state of North Carolina on Thursday.

The campaign insists that Joe Biden was not exposed to the virus, but he and Senator Harris spent several hours together last week while campaigning in Arizona. According to the report, Kamala’s communications director and a traveling staff member tested positive after that trip.

At least two other cases have been linked to Biden campaign events. Earlier this week it was reported that two confirmed cases of COVID-19 were traced to a Biden campaign event in Minnesota. Biden’s campaign events are notorious for being minimally attended with multiple social-distancing protocols, including strict enforcement of mask-wearing. In Nevada last week, Biden wore a mask during a drive-in campaign event, where attendees remained in their cars, even as he spoke. Biden infamously removed his mask to cough during that event.

The Biden-Harris campaign has blamed Trump’s supposedly lax attitude toward COVID-19 for himself, a number of White House officials, and campaign members contracting the virus. It remains to be seen how many staffers will end up testing positive or if either candidate will test positive. It’s perhaps possible that Kamala Harris’s decision to participate in the Amy Coney Barrett hearings by video was a stunt or due to her being aware that her own staffers had been exposed to the virus and that she may have been as well.

Regardless, the Biden-Harris campaign’s talking points on COVID-19 have been severely undermined by this news.

This story is developing.


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