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[VIDEO] Rachel Maddow and Kamala Harris Indulge in Cringy Gigglefest Over Mike Pence's Fly

Image from Twitter video.

I’m not sure if MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow wants to be known as an unbiased newsperson. I hope not, because she’s every bit as partisan as Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, which is fine and good as long as you’re honest about it. But if Maddow is trying to pass herself off as an unbiased news reporter then she should stop doing stuff like this.

Watch this incredibly cringy clip of Maddow and Sen. Kamala Harris giggling uncontrollably over the fly that landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head during the debate. One of the biggest complaints Democrats have against Donald Trump is that he is “unpresidential.” What do you call this?

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