The Morning Briefing: DNC Night 3: Trump's Twitter Feed Was My Favorite Speech of the Night

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Trump’s Trolling the Highlight of Kamala Night at the DNC

It’s Thursday in America again. I hope yours is going well, friends in Kruiser Morning Briefing Land.


Night three of the DNC’s worst online hangout ever is in the books and the Republic has thankfully survived another speech by American Narcissus, Barack Obama. For that alone, we should all feel well and truly blessed.

Tyler has a recap of last night’s DNC virtual torture here.

From a conservative standpoint, Wednesday night’s DNC slog featured the worst of the worst. Not only did the Lightbringer regale us with his presence, but Granny Maojackets made a video cameo appearance to whine about the fact that she lost in 2016 because we elect presidents the way the United States Constitution tells us to and not by the popular vote.

Hillary Clinton may be a bitter, pathetic woman but none of us will ever truly understand the hell she went through to sober up long enough to record that video for the DNC. Our thoughts are with her and whichever members of her household staff she verbally abused while going through her DTs. I sincerely hope there were no puppies around to kick.

Last night was, of course, the big night for Sen. Kamala Harris at the DNC. The woman who hopes to become the first beneficiary of a 25th Amendment coup gave her acceptance speech to the void and — in the best American presidential politics tradition — got the amnesia required to forget her disagreements with her running mate.

Harris’s brief trip to the “top tier” of the Democratic primary polls was fueled by a debate confrontation with Biden where she attempted to portray him as an old-school racist.


I guess he’s been cured of that now.

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Forget the DNC lineup though, the best video of the night was on President Trump’s Twitter feed:

It stuns me that there are still Republicans who complain about Trump’s Twitter habit. His master trolling of the Dems is always entertainment gold to me. He’s actually making plague year politics fun with stuff like this.

The president had a couple of critiques of the two biggest speeches of the night. One for Obama:

and one for Harris:

There is more life in these three tweets than there’s been in three nights of DNC “festivities.”

This most unusual DNC wraps up tonight with a huge roll of the dice. They’re risking letting Biden off-leash for an acceptance speech. Who knows, maybe they’ve been drilling him for months on this and he will actually pull it off. Or he’ll drop trou halfway through and yell, “I HAVE A PONY NAMED JEFF!”

My colleagues will be liveblogging (some drunkblogging) the DNC finale tonight. The link will again be at the top of the home page once it starts.


Here’s hoping the president gets his CAPS LOCK on again.

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Bee Me

The Kruiser Kabana

This is the funniest of the SNL “Celebrity Jeopardy!” skits I’ve seen.

Now looking into becoming a gentleman cheesemaker.


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