The Morning Briefing: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Keeps Finding New Ways To Be Stupid

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AOC Is Dumber Than Dumb

Happy Sixth Month of March 2020, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing readers.

She’s baaaaaaaaack.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has been taking a break from being the Progressive Princess of Stupidity lately but we all knew that she would be back at some point. It is almost impressive how awfully ignorant AOC can be at times, as if she is constantly trying to embarrass herself.


Her most recent foray into brain-dead finds her criticizing Roman Catholic St. Damien of Molokai for being a “colonizer.” Rick has the full story here:

Most missionaries avoided administering to lepers for fear of contracting the disease themselves. But Father Damien didn’t listen. Eventually, he also became a leper and died at age 49 of the disease.

Damien did more than pray for the lepers. He helped initiate reforms of how native people were treated. He also “aided the colony by teaching, painting houses, organizing farms, organizing the construction of chapels, roads, hospitals, and churches. He also personally dressed residents, dug graves, built coffins, ate food by hand with lepers, shared pipes with them, and lived with the lepers as equals.”

Damien’s “colonizing” involved ministering to people who were so loathed by society that they were ostracized and sent to live in remote places in colonies where they were to fall apart and die.

What an awful guy.

It’s not just that AOC is wrong about so many things, it’s that she’s always spectacularly wrong. Her hot-takes sound more like the ravings of a toddler than what one would expect from a member of Congress. In this particular case, it seems that she knew nothing more about St. Damien than that he was white. AOC is the one millennial who has never heard of Google or Wikipedia.

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What makes AOC’s ongoing dumb-takes so disturbing is that she has become a revered guiding light for the Democrats. The radical-fringe AOC wing of the Democratic Party has become the main wing. Joe Biden has completely abandoned any pretense of being a moderate and is now devoted to sucking up to AOC and her squad.


Every utterance of hers is treated as brilliance by the mainstream media, no matter how simple it is to disprove. AOC is the Left’s Golden Child right now and she’s a blithering idiot.

To her credit, AOC never backs away from any of her paste-eating stupid statements. Nobody loves AOC as much as AOC does, and she is just thrilled with everything she says. She will often double-down on her monumental wrongness just because she knows the media will back her up.

 (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

If AOC weren’t so young she would be a shoo-in for Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep’s running mate. Thanks to the Constitution, the United States still has five years to come to its senses and realize just how dumb this woman is. Or Biden can win and the Constitution will be memory-holed.

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