The Morning Briefing: Jill Biden Wants to Trash Her Husband's Dignity to Be Edith Wilson 2.0

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Jill Biden Is the Real Democrat Running for President

This first came up during a VIP Gold chat I did with Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey and Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter back in early May. We were discussing Joe Biden’s obvious decline and wondering whether he had anyone who loved him enough to stop this spectacle. We all know that his son Hunter is a little too busy with cocaine, his Chinese overlords/business associates, and avoiding his baby mama to care about Pops embarrassing himself. It’s Dr. Jill Biden who should be looking out for her man, but she seems to revel in his spotlight, no matter how painful it is to watch.


I said then that I truly believe Jill Biden wants to be Edith Wilson 2.0. Woodrow Wilson’s wife basically ran the White House after his stroke in 1919. She only had to do that for two years. I’m pretty sure that Jill Biden would like at least an eight-year run at the gig.

When Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep’s handlers first began letting him do videos from his quarantine basement, Jill was often sitting at his side, grinning like a proud mother whose idiot underachieving kid had just successfully recited the alphabet for the first time. It was, quite frankly, very creepy to watch.

I’m still convinced that the overarching Democratic National Committee plan is to get Biden elected, whisk him back to the basement until Inauguration Day, then tell everyone that he’s had a medical situation of some sort shortly after that. Then his progressive VP can take over the job of running the country off a progressive cliff.

I am also firmly convinced that Jill Biden has other plans.

For reasons beyond my comprehension, Team Biden keeps releasing videos of this drooling moron. They are all painful to watch, and it seems at times to be a little cruel to mock him. He is, however, making a bid for becoming the most powerful man in the world. As long as he is running, Biden is fair game.

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Jill Biden knows that and she doesn’t care.

The longer the Joe Biden Obvious Decline Circus is allowed to go on, the more I’m convinced that Jill Biden is a power-hungry madwoman who so desperately wants to be in the White House that she is willing to subject her husband to what has now become bipartisan ridicule. If Joe Biden were your grandfather you would be worrying yourself into an ulcer about him and making sure that you helped him maintain as much dignity as possible.


This is yet another scenario that I would have considered a wild conspiracy theory just a year ago. The worse Biden gets, however, the more I’m convinced there’s something to it.

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