The Morning Briefing: Will the 2020 Rage Mob Survive a Trip to the Suburbs?

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The Mob Meets a Little Resistance

I had my first couple of social trips out in public this past weekend since all of the shutdown fun began and, thankfully, didn’t run into any peacefully protesting mobs. Then again, it’s the time of year here when the sun keeps us from congregating much outdoors in any kind of mob, rage-filled or not. I also didn’t run into a lot of people wearing masks, but that’s another story.


A few weeks ago I wrote that the protest mobs wouldn’t go away until they started going near rich liberals’ residences. A friend of mine recently said that you-know-what was “gonna get real when they start going into neighborhoods.” Thus far, they’ve mostly stuck to downtown areas or big retail areas for looting. The libs running the most mob-filled cities have largely been ceding downtown areas. Our commie mayor here kept gleefully organizing clean-up parties in downtown Tucson to pick up after the “peaceful” BLM mobs vandalized and broke things. She kept posting pics on Instagram as if she was on vacation somewhere.

We got a little taste this past weekend of what happens when private property gets threatened by a BLM mob gone walkabout. Matt has the feel-good story about the married couple that brandished weapons posted at Townhall and it’s hilarious:

Yeah, again, this is called trespassing. It’s illegal. After days of seeing anarchy and chaos engulfing America’s cities after the officer-involved fatality of George Floyd ion May 25, there’s no wonder why law-abiding Americans are lining up to buy guns and ammo. The police are overwhelmed. They can’t help everyone. With mayhem taking over the streets at night, it’s no wonder why gun purchases have gone through the roof—and it’s not just conservatives lining out the doors of gun shops. The spike actually began during the coronavirus outbreak, but Floyd certainly injected steroids into the trend.


There’s video of the encounter in Matt’s post and it is worth noting that the couple’s gun safety etiquette is rather horrible. They’re brandishing the guns like they are in a video game and hopefully they’ll get some lessons on that before the next time they’re out in public with firearms.

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There was a lot of brouhaha on social media about the mob being on public sidewalks — as if that makes it any better — but, again, this is a private neighborhood. This is also an isolated incident but it probably won’t be the last of its kind we see. The “defund police” anti-cop sentiment has, as we have mentioned here before, unwittingly ruined one of the left’s favorite arguments against gun ownership: that people should simply wait for the police to show up if there is trouble.

If these liberal cities succeed in slashing police budgets and reducing manpower, the neighbors might all have guns soon. The further away from city centers the mob wanders, the more likely it is to bump into Mr. and Mrs. Gunslinger. Tucson is a liberal city but this is still Arizona and even my lefty friends here have several firearms. I know I used “suburbs” in the headline but I really meant any residential neighborhood.

I keep referring to the protesters as a mob because even on their quiet days the potential to get ugly is there. They’ve been emboldened by weak leaders and a lying press. Mob mentality is the reason we’ve seen the idiots tear down so many statues that have nothing to do with their anger.

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Buy guns. Buy ammo.

And try not to accidentally point the gun at your neighbor’s car if a mob comes to your neighborhood.

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