The Morning Briefing: Knee-Benders Cancel 'Gone With the Wind' & 'Cops' on Same Day to Appease Frothing Rage Mob

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Mob Rule, USA

There is apparently more than one way for this mob that has been running roughshod over America for the past couple of weeks to loot. Once they’ve trashed all of the physical property near them, they turn to cultural and intellectual property.


Monday’s Briefing discussed the creepy thought police run at our book collections, which is part of an ongoing attempt to inflict cancel culture on the Western canon. On Tuesday, the “mostly peaceful protests” rage mob turned their greedy little cancellation eyes to two American classics: Gone With the Wind, and the venerable television show Cops.

The Paramount Network hasn’t released a lot of information about the cancellation of Cops, but it was pulled from the lineup as a reaction to the protests/riots. It has been on the air for thirty-three years, which is forever in television time. A product that successful doesn’t usually get tossed aside so easily. That should give us all pause as we ponder how powerful this mob has already become.

HBO Max removed Gone With the Wind less than two weeks after the platform launched because apparently no one who works for the company understands history or context. Deadline shared this drivel from an HBO Max spokesperson:

Gone With the Wind is a product of its time and depicts some of the ethnic and racial prejudices that have, unfortunately, been commonplace in American society. These racist depictions were wrong then and are wrong today, and we felt that to keep this title up without an explanation and a denouncement of those depictions would be irresponsible.

I’m embarrassed for them.

While the spokesperson didn’t mention the current civil unrest situation, the Deadline article did frame it in terms of that. It doesn’t refer to the mob, of course, because no one really wants to call the protesters that. Well, almost no one. It’s uncomfortable to admit what is really going on in this country these days.


We are a representative republic that a bunch of idiots think is a democracy, but none of that matters because we’re essentially under mob rule at the moment. Democratic leaders are dancing (and kneeling) like hired  entertainment for this mob. I haven’t checked in several hours, but I’m sure that Drew Brees probably has his kids out there apologizing for the fact that he said something about respecting the American flag and the woke rage mob wasn’t pleased.

 (AP Photo/Turner Classic Movies)

The arrogance and condescension of the HBO Max brass who think that they need to explain Gone With the Wind to the great unwashed masses is galling. The presumption is that people are too stupid to understand a period piece, even for a movie that is one of the most famous of all time. It’s a wokeness cancer that’s metastasizing while the rage mobs are roaming the streets in “peaceful protest” right now.

Thanks wokescolds, but we understand that a movie made in the 1930s which depicts events of the 1860s doesn’t accurately reflect the values of modern society. We are also aware that we’re unlikely to encounter a woman wearing a ball gown hoop skirt.

The case of Cops is more disturbing. The RedState post that I linked above also mentions that the wildly popular Live PD may not be returning thanks to the rage mob. That means that all of the people involved in the production of those shows will be out of work.

Cops are usually on their best behavior in front of television cameras so one would think that the woke mob would want to keep these shows on the air.

The American people have been subjected to two unsavory extremes since March. At first, it was the petty tyrant elected officials who were heaping misery upon us. As soon as we began to get out from under the thumbs of these Stalin wannabes our streets began filling with mobs of protesters who were eschewing the social distance edicts of the aforementioned tyrants. Had the mobs been revolting against the tyrants we would have had some justice, as well as some great political theater.


Sadly, these mobs are merely an extension of the totalitarian fever dream of the tyrants.

Mob rule is really all the Democrats have left and they know it. Don’t expect any of this to get better if Biden is elected. His handlers will keep egging on the unrest. Pretty soon the only thing on television will be Barack and Michelle Obama telling us how awful we are.

It’s time to learn how to make my own beer.

Hey, At Least They’re Talking Now

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