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Ex-NY Lt. Gov. 'Likes' a Rioter Choking a Police Officer: 'This N**** Got a Cop In a Headlock'

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Former Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy (D-N.Y.) now serves as the president of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) appointed him the liaison for reopening the Rochester area during the COVID-19 pandemic. Duffy has been under fire regularly for being a mouthpiece for the Cuomo administration and standing in the way of businesses desperate to open in rural Western New York.


When the rioting and looting and burning hit Rochester, the COVID panic went on the back-burner while our elected officials coddled rioters and criticized the police. Duffy was caught liking a post on Twitter that showed a police officer getting choked by a rioter.

Former Lt. Gov. Duffy "likes" tweet about rioter chocking a cop

Twitter screenshot.

When called out on it by others on Twitter, Duffy said it was an accident or something.

Former Lt. Gov. Duffy "likes" tweet about rioter chocking a cop

Twitter screenshot.

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I guess that’s possible, although I’ve accidentally liked things I didn’t mean to and noticed it immediately and undid it. It’s possible he didn’t see the red heart light up the moment he touched it and let it sit there for hours until someone else noticed. But does that seem likely when his friends in New York, Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio, make it part of their day job to criticize NYPD and prop up rioters while the city burns?

Here’s the governor’s brother declaring that he’s not aware of anything (like the Constitution) that says protesters should be peaceful.


Mayor de Blasio’s own daughter was arrested in a group of “protesters” who were throwing projectiles at police. de Blasio’s response was that he was “proud” of her. Meanwhile, New York police are losing the city, getting maimed and shot, or run over by cars and New York leaders are making excuses for the rioters.

The media has been bombarding the public with the approval of rioting that is being echoed by Democrats, who are far too willing to excuse away illegal and violent behavior by claiming that the “protesters” are acting out of frustration, and are flat out lying to us that the demonstrations are “peaceful” while buildings burn.

Giving any excuse to rioters is giving the stamp of approval to lawlessness. The people of New York deserve better leadership.

Did Bob Duffy like that photo on accident? Or is this more of the same Democrat complicity in political violence that suits their end goals to cause chaos and unrest in an effort to consolidate more power? What do you think?

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