The Morning Briefing: Does Anyone Really Believe the Polls Showing Biden Cruising to Victory?

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Biden Can’t Speak, How Can He Win?

Former Vice President Joe Biden is leading President Trump in most of the recent polls, prompting the question: are we really going to do this again?


Presidential election polls have become Lucy holding the football as the rest of us play the role of Charlie Brown. Ever gullible, American voters promise to ignore all of the polls when the next election comes around, yet we seem hopelessly drawn to them. It’s a dysfunctional relationship that doesn’t seem to have any real hope of getting better. Let’s face it, after the polls got everything wrong in 2016, we’re all still fond of them if they’re telling us what we want to hear.

Biden has no doubt benefited from being locked in his house for the past couple of months. Avoiding the campaign trail and prolonged exposure in the public eye has been a gift from Heaven for Team Biden. Sure, his highly controlled, limited time appearances have been absolute train wrecks, but those are only being seen by a fraction of the audience that would be viewing his remarks on the nightly news if he were out campaigning.

When an appearance is preserved to share on social media, they manage to find one or two sentences where Biden didn’t sound clinically insane to create the appearance that he’s A-OK.

Rick wrote a post yesterday that examines how different methodologies can be used to predict victory for either Trump or Biden, showing that nobody really has a crystal ball that’s worth a damn.


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It has become more than obvious that the Democrats are willing to keep Americans financially destitute in order to throw the election to Biden, and that may be what is reflected in the current polling. However, as we have noted a couple of times this week, the states that are opening up are looking better than the states that are remaining on arbitrary lockdown. If that keeps playing out like that, it will reflect better on Trump and the Republicans.


President Trump probably relishes the opportunity to face Biden in a couple of debates. Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep hasn’t been able to read a short script in a controlled home video lately. Trump will mop the floor with that bumbling idiot in a debate. The Democrats are almost certainly going to make the case that it “just wouldn’t be safe” to have public debates.

The media will reflexively spin for Biden, emphatically proclaiming that he was the clear winner of any debate with Trump. All team Trump will have to do to counter that is put together a reel of Biden mangling the English language and losing his train of thought every four seconds and turn that into a campaign ad.

I’m not being mean to Biden here. I know a lot of people think it’s cruel to mock his decline. I maintain that it’s not really a decline. He’s always been a mush-mouthed idiot. I’m a veteran Biden basher, having consistently written during Barack Obama’s tenure that he was the safest president ever because nobody really wanted Biden to become top dog.

I wouldn’t even point to the spectacular failure of the polls in 2016 as a reason to be dismissive of the current Biden victory snapshot that they are providing us. Rather, I would point to the otherworldly volatility of all life in 2020 so far. Think about life since mid-March. It all went to hell a little more than two months ago. We’re still about five and a half months out from this election.

Is anyone willing to put money down on where the mood of the electorate will be then?

Biden Uses His Words

Make Up Your Minds

Here is the post I wrote last week about YouTube’s censorship of the epidemiologist.

Comments of the Week

I’ve been remiss in posting these the past couple of weeks. Mea culpa.



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