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Bad News for Anyone in China Whose Comfort Food Is Pangolins

(992 lbs.)

If you know where Wuhan is, it’s not because the American mainstream media and the rest of the Democratic Party want you to know. They want you to forget, because talking about it is racist.

During the initial phase of the coronavirus outbreak, they reported the truth about where COVID-19 originated. They presented the plain facts. Then, suddenly, something changed and the word “Wuhan” became racist:

And now, California Senator (and Biden VP hopeful) Kamala Harris is even proposing legislation declaring that the phrase “Wuhan virus” is somehow hate speech. That oughta do it, Officer Harris. Say, has the statute of limitations run out on Alisyn Camerota?

But no matter how they try to hide the truth and intimidate you out of telling it, the fact remains that this virus originated in Wuhan, China. The Chinese Communist Party covered up the outbreak and allowed it to spread. Now the entire civilized world is in a months-long lockdown and the virus has doomed over 325,000 people to a horrible death.

But old habits die hard, so it’s taken months for the people responsible for this disaster to start doing something about it. They’re closing the stable door after the pangolin has bolted:

ABC News:

The Chinese city of Wuhan, ground zero of the coronavirus pandemic, has issued an outright ban on the breeding, hunting and human consumption of wild animals.

The move appears to be in response to research showing the novel coronavirus most likely originated in bats and was transmitted to humans through an intermediary animal sold at a wet market in Wuhan.

The local government of Wuhan announced the ban Wednesday. However, the decree contains numerous exceptions, including for animals used in traditional Chinese medicine, as long as they are not eaten by humans.

In case you’re wondering, this means Wuhan residents can no longer eat “lions, tigers, peacocks, bats, pangolins and snakes.” So that’ll be an adjustment, I guess. Bad news for anybody whose favorite comfort food is peacock pilaf.

Seems a bit late now, but it’s a start. That is, if you believe the virus originated in the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, and not at the nearby Wuhan Institute of Virology. We still don’t know for sure. Is it a coincidence that the mainstream media wants us to forget that Wuhan even exists?

Coincidentally, novelist Jonathan Safran Foer has penned an essay for today’s NYT titled, “The End of Meat Is Here.” In it, he sobs:

“We cannot claim to care about the humane treatment of animals while continuing to eat meat regularly. The farming system we rely on is woven through with misery. Modern chickens have been so genetically modified that their very bodies have become prisons of pain even if we open their cages. Turkeys are bred to be so obese that they are incapable of reproducing without artificial insemination. Mother cows have their calves ripped from them before weaning, resulting in acute distress we can hear in their wails and empirically measure through the cortisol in their bodies.”

You will not find the words “Wuhan,” “China,” or “Chinese” anywhere in this essay. We can’t blame the people who are directly responsible for what’s happening to us, because that would be racist.

In summary: Don’t say “Wuhan virus,” because it’s racist. Don’t scoff at the city of Wuhan for finally banning the consumption of wild animals, because it’s racist. If you’re still worried about being called a racist, by the same people who will call you a racist for any other reason or no reason at all, you have your marching orders. Your betters have spoken.

Now shut up, racist.