Megyn Kelly's Vacation Photo Shows How Ridiculous Corona-Culture Has Gotten

(Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP, File)

I thought we’d hit peak corona stupidity when I saw a man driving his convertible on a lovely Southern California day wearing a mask. But then I saw Megyn Kelly’s vacation photo.

The lovely former Fox and NBC host has been staying relevant by producing and staying active in social media until she spends that multi-million separation package money.

She’s on vacation with…well, we can’t tell actually, because, while out “trail riding” on a horse, in the great open spaces, in the middle of nowhere, she’s wearing a mask.

Trail rides in the age of Corona.

I mean, I assume that’s her. It’s hard to tell, what with the helmets and those familiar blue masks covering most of their faces.

Masks during the coronavirus are a point of contention. First we didn’t need them. Then we couldn’t have them. Then we needed them. Then they were mandatory.

But the middle of nowhere?

Twitter user Scott Cameron had an observation for the sharp journalist:

You watch way too much TV news.

“Davey” had a question about the motives.

Are they about to rob a stage coach ?

“God’s Country” was about to sit down and write a letter to PETA.

This is animal abuse! Where are the masks for the horses!?

And Senator Ted Cruz couldn’t leave it alone.

In Texas at the turn of the last century, you’d be arrested as cattle rustlers!

Indeed, some them thar cattle rustlers and cowboys wear scarfs over their faces to keep the dust out, but surgical masks to keep out coronavirus in the middle of nowhere seems extreme, at the very least.

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