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People Have Had It With the 'Karen' Mask Police — Even LA's Real Cops

People Have Had It With the 'Karen' Mask Police — Even LA's Real Cops
(Image by Silviu Costin Iancu from Pixabay)

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti “deputized” thousands of “Karens” with his “snitches get rewards” program to encourage people to inform on companies not practicing social distancing or opening against local strictures, such as wearing masks.


Several cities have used drones to yell at people for not remaining socially distanced.

Louisville is putting trackers on people with COVID-19 threatening to follow their movements in hopes they’ll stay quarantined.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has more than doubled the number of what he calls his “social distancing ambassadors” to “gently remind” people to mask up and follow his rules. De Blasio says enforcement is a last resort for ignoring any of his 2,300 “ambassadors,” which means fines or worse.

De Blasio’s snitch hotline was lit up by outraged New Yorkers, who sent him porn instead.

The organized mask police have birthed a vast swath of “Karens” who have taken it upon themselves to form their own mask militias.

Now police in Van Nuys, Calif., are asking “Karen” to knock it off.

Lt. Jim Gavin told Fox 11 LA news that there have been four recent incidents in which people got into fights with others over masks – and the mask militia members are getting hurt.

More and more people are becoming victims of a crime when they’re not wearing a mask. We’ve had people confront people who are not wearing masks and then there’s a physical altercation.

We’ve got a lot of people who are frustrated and a lot people who are thinking to themselves, ‘hey, I’m following the rules, how come you’re not?’ and then they decide they’re gong to confront them and then [there are problems]. Please don’t do that.


Two men at a Target in Van Nuys attacked security guards after being confronted over refusing to wear masks. It turned into a melee as you can see below.

Garcetti’s LA may be a place where “snitches get rewards,” but there are a lot more people who apparently adhere to the saying “snitches get stitches.”

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