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Devil in a Blue Dress…

Welcome, my friends, to Week 7,436,921 of Coronapocalypse shutdown, where the news gods have gifted us with a little change of pace: something to talk about that isn’t the plague. Barack “Scandal-Free” Obama is back in the daily news cycle, and this is probably the first time that the malignant narcissist isn’t happy about it. 


The Democrats are desperate to be doing a victory lap over their success ruining the economy, but the past is a nagging little thing, and it keeps showing up these days. 

As evidence mounts that the upper echelons of the Obama administration — include Obama himself — spent their final days spying and phone-tapping in an effort to ruin Michael Flynn and poison the entire Trump administration, the president and his confidantes are turning up the heat. 

Last week Mark Levin referred to the brewing stink as “Obama’s blue dress,” likening this scandal to Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. I’m sure we are all hoping that this one does a little more damage to Obama’s legacy than the Lewinsky affair hurt Clinton, but it was a good description. 

The Obama partisans are still wailing about Flynn being pardoned, largely to distract from the negative attention that has been focusing on The Lightbringer. 

On Sunday, POTUS hit Twitter with a one-word tweet that really triggered the Obama people: 

That got the topic trending all day (it still is here in the wee hours of the next day too), much to the delight of Trump supporters and the frustrated chagrin of the Obama faithful. 

Those of us here on the sane side of things know that the Obama administration was never sans the blemish of scandal as the stories have been told. They benefited from a press corps that spent eight years spraining their necks looking the other way. 

The evidence that has emerged in the past week can’t be swept under the rug, especially with President Trump in command of the biggest bully pulpit on Earth. 


One of Trump’s greatest political gifts is that pitbull-like quality he has when he wants to troll the leftmedia.

It’s annoying that we have to read about Obama commenting on anything, but the underlying reason is pretty fun. It’s obvious that President Trump is getting under his skin. 

Dreaming about Obama being perp-walked these past few days has been a most welcome distraction from all of the plague nonsense. It’s just that — a dream — but close your eyes and imagine it and you’ll find that it’s wonderful escapism. 

That fact that it is legit news that isn’t about coronavirus is precisely what the Democrats didn’t need right now. Expect Trump to exploit that in the media for as long as he can. 

Finally, something to look forward to.

The Enemy of the People Continue to Dutifully Pass Along ChiCom Propaganda


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