The Fringe With Megan Fox, Episode 16: I Will Not Eat Murder Hornets

Well, I’m back after a week of technical difficulties and not much has changed except that I may be moving from the rage stage of lockdown and moving into the hysterical laughing stage which feels a bit like going insane. Are you laughing yet? If you’re not, I’ve put together some stories and events that might help you chuckle through the madness this week.

I don’t think the news could get any more ridiculous if it was being written by the Babylon Bee. Murder hornets? Attack chickens? Alex Jones plotting to eat his neighbors? It’s all so deliciously insane. So take a break with me and laugh for a few minutes and listen to this week’s episode of The Fringe, where everything that was good is bad and everything that was weird is required and no one knows what day it is.