The Morning Briefing: Betsy DeVos Brings Back Due Process and Libs Lose It

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos speaks about campus sexual assault and enforcement of Title IX, the federal law that bars discrimination in education on the basis of gender, Thursday, Sept. 7, 2017, at George Mason University Arlington, Va., campus. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

A Truly Great American

Much has been made the past few years about the turnover and turmoil in the Trump administration. People come and people go, often at a rather blinding pace. Personally, I’m fine when bureaucrats don’t linger in their jobs. The revolving door in this administration sometimes seems more like a feature than a bug.


There has been one shining constant throughout, however. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has been a perpetual thorn in the sides of liberals since she was first confirmed in 2017 and it’s always glorious to watch.

DeVos is everything the awful liberal public education pimps hate, which is what makes her so likable. She’s rich. She’s a lifelong Republican. She has long been a champion for school choice, which makes their heads explode.

The Democrats fought to keep her from being confirmed, and Vice President Pence had to cast the tie-breaking vote.

Since taking office, DeVos has endured nonstop criticism, protests, and horrible press.

See? What’s not to like?

DeVos’s most important work has been addressing the insanity that has been visited upon young men on college campuses in the past couple of decades, the most notable and infamous incident being the Duke lacrosse case.

She has been working diligently to bring rules and order to a previously arbitrary system that gave almost no rights to the accused.

The New York Times:

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Wednesday issued final regulations on sexual misconduct in education, delivering colleges and schools firm new rules on how they must deal with one of the biggest issues that have roiled their campuses for decades.

The rules fulfill one of the Trump administration’s major policy goals for Title IX, the 48-year-old federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in programs that receive federal funding, bolstering due-process protections for accused students while relieving schools of some legal liabilities. But Ms. DeVos extended the reach of the law in other ways, establishing dating violence as a sexual misconduct category that must be addressed and mandating supportive measures for alleged victims of assault.

Title IX had become a flash point in recent years after sexual assault cases rocked high-profile universities like Stanford and Duke, and serial sex abuse by staff at the University of Southern California, Michigan State and Ohio State demonstrated how schools had failed to properly investigate complaints.


DeVos is bringing clarity to the vague Obama-era “guidance” that created a situation in which college administrations felt compelled to “to side with accusers without extending sufficient rights to the accused.”

When Ms. DeVos announced in 2017 that she was rescinding the Obama-era guidance, she said she would give schools, from kindergarten to college, regulations with the force of law that balanced those rights. Her final rules, which she called a “historic” break from the “kangaroo courts” of the past, take effect Aug. 14.

More clarification:

Liberals are aghast that DeVos has brought fairness to a previously nightmarish situation. Rather than objectively assess the new rules, they’re miffed that their least favorite Cabinet member dared touch something that The Lightbringer instituted. 

Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep has vowed to undo DeVos’s changes if America hits the toilet and elects him president:

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden promised to repeal the recent change in Title IX rules that reestablished due process for those accused of sexual assault on campus, saying that women deserve “to have their voices heard, their claims taken seriously and investigated, and their rights upheld.”


That’s an insane mischaracterization from an even more insane man. It’s also doubly laughable given the fact that he and everyone who supports him are actively trying to shut up a woman who’s accused him of sexual misconduct.

What DeVos has done should be universally praised. The lunatics on the Left who are opposed to her would rather every young male in America have no rights whatsoever.

They need to be kept away from, well, everything.

I Worry About What They Replace Him With

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