The Morning Briefing: When In Doubt, Rally It Out

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OK, He Doesn’t Really Have Any Doubt

Just a few quick things this morning, then we can all begin weekending.

The leap year is finally upon us and, though the election seems as if it’s still seventeen years away, it is finally going to happen before we all need new calendars.


President Trump held his first campaign rally of the year in Toledo, and wasted no time taking a few shots at the architects of Impeachmentpalooza:

“I did nothing wrong,” he said. “They don’t even know what the hell is going on. In fact, it’s so weak. She doesn’t want to put in the articles. It’s so weak. They’re so pathetic.”

Trump mocked Pelosi by saying she’s “not operating with a full deck,” and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) as “you little pencil neck” and then added “He buys the smallest shirt collar you can get, and it’s loose!” He returned to his 2016 rival, Hillary Clinton, again dubbing her “crooked Hillary” and prompting the familiar “Lock her up!” chant from the crowd.

It was vintage Trump — taking everything that his detractors spend their days spinning as negative and touting it as positive, all before a crowd the size of which his Democratic rivals can only dream.

Heck, der Bidengaffer, Fauxcahontas, and the rest of the Dem primary clown car would probably kill for the crowd that couldn’t even get into the Toledo rally:

Despite three years of relentless attacks from Democrats and their Flying Media Monkeys, President Trump seems to be kicking off this election year stronger than ever. Many on this side of the aisle — including myself — have long been speculating that the Democrats’ devotion to destroying him no matter the cost was just making his reelection more likely. The enthusiastic, gigantic throng in Toledo on Thursday seems to bear that out.

Strap in kids, it’s going to be a wild one.

Conspiracy to Ponder

As soon as I heard the news of the crash of the Ukrainian airliner in Iran on the other night, I texted a friend that it was a little too coincidental that it happened around the same time as the missile attacks on al Asad air base in Iraq. I then mentioned that I never used to be the conspiracy theory type.

Now that I know that my suspicions were justified, I would like to offer another down-the-rabbit-hole idea that I had.

Iran is Russia’s staunchest ally in that part of the world and it’s just too much of a coincidence for me that the passenger plane that was “accidentally” hit is from the Ukraine.

What if Iran gave Russia the heads-up about the missile attack, and they realized that there would be the perfect cover for an “accident” that could be easily arranged?

Again, just sharing where my mind immediately went.

Back to my manifesto now.


A Little Levity Never Hurts

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Bee Me

The Kruiser Kabana


I’ve never seen this clip before. This is after it was announced that Jay Leno was going to take over for Carson which, of course, was the job Letterman most coveted. He’s playing it nice here, but it’s well known that things weren’t all “Kumbaya” between them in the years they were head-to-head rivals. I saw a recent interview where Jay insisted they still got along, though.

My new Yoga and Nachos Palace opens soon.


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