The Morning Briefing: Bill de Blasio's New York Is Rapidly Becoming a Dangerous Hellhole

Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks at a rally in Battery Park in New York City on Jan. 29, 2017. (Photo by Damien Lafargue/Sipa via AP Images)

Don’t Go Out At Night

When New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that he was running for president, virtually every Democrat I know in New York — and I know a lot of them — scoffed at the idea, noting that he can’t even run his own city.


His presidential nomination bid was short-lived, and now that he’s returned to his city to run it full-time, things have gotten worse.

After the latest in an alarming number of attacks on Jews in New York City, de Blasio is playing catch-up and deploying extra police patrols.

Leftists are falling all over themselves to blame Trump and “Trump’s America” (code for “You Freakin’ Hicks”) for the rise in violence from New York’s anti-Semites. The reality remains that it’s all happening in an exceedingly liberal city that is being run by a commie they elected to a second term.

This is all on you, New Yorkers.

De Blasio’s tenure has been a cesspool of discord all along. Early in his first term, he sold out his own police force by publicly telling a story about warning his mixed-race son about the dangers of encounters he may have with law enforcement in the future.

Mayor Bill campaigned on ending stop-and-frisk policies that were effective in minimizing crime, but that the anti-police social justice warriors had decided were unfair. The policies made Michael Bloomberg popular with law enforcement when he was the Republican, then Independent mayor of New York. Now that Bloomberg is a Democrat, he’s doing a walk of shame over them.

Murders overall are spiking under Mayor Stalin, and there is no reason to believe they won’t continue to do so.

I first got to experience Rudy Giuliani’s safer New York as a younger comic. The locals complained about what he’d done, but I rather enjoyed that it wasn’t the dangerous place I’d heard about growing up.


The way Mayor Bill is running things, the New York locals may soon be wishing for Rudy’s second coming.

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2020 is the year we make contact with beings from another planet and find out they have a friend named Matt who totally irritates them.


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