Garland: Questioning the Integrity of the Justice Department Is an Attack on — You Guessed It

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With the sweetheart deal that Hunter Biden just got from federal prosecutors, Attorney General Merrick Garland has once again confirmed that he has taken the Justice Department, which was once the envy of the world for its indefatigable commitment to equal justice for all, and turned it into a squad of legal hit men for foes of the Biden regime and a legal laundromat for the regime’s members and cronies, most notably for the alleged president’s crackhead influence-peddling son. Garland himself, however, bristles if you believe your lying eyes on this matter. On Friday he complained that charges that his Justice Department was doling out frame jobs for dissidents and skates for friends of the regime was a threat to — that’s right! — our “democracy.”


As has been pointed out many times, when Leftists profess to be worried about the health of “our democracy” (I know, I know, it’s a republic), they’re really referring to threats to their own hegemony over the nation’s political and cultural spheres. Garland confirmed this Friday when a reporter noted that some Republicans are talking about the corruption of the Justice Department, and asked him: “Do the American people have cause to be concerned about the integrity of the components of this Justice Department, and what do you have to say about how they’re reacting?”

In his answer, Garland went as heavy on the self-righteous unctuousness as a kid drenching his fries in ketchup: “I certainly understand,” he huffed, “that some have chosen to attack the integrity of the Justice Department as components and its employees by claiming that we do not treat like cases alike. Uh, this constitutes an attack on an institution that is essential to American democracy and essential to the safety of the American people. Nothing could be further from the truth.” There it is: attack Merrick Garland and his revoltingly corrupt henchmen, and deplore the dumpster fire they have made out of a department that is supposed to administer impartial justice, and you’re attacking “American democracy.”


Note Garland’s appalling sleight of hand: he equates an attack on his Justice Department, which is a gang of Leftist liars who tried to frame an elected president of the United States for crimes he didn’t commit and classified angry parent at school board meetings as terrorists, with an attack on the very idea of a Justice Department. For he is of course right, as far as it goes: the Justice Department is indeed essential to American democracy, or rather, to the American republic. That’s why we’re in the fix we’re in: because the Justice Department is now a public relations office for those whom the regime favors and a no-holds-barred instrument of vengeance against those whom the regime hates. Those who are attacking it are not against the institution at all but against the mess that Garland has made of it.

Garland, however, insists that he and his far-Left minions have behaved with perfect probity. He added: “You’ve all heard me say many times that we make our cases based on the facts and the law. These are not just words. These are what we live by. They’re the foundation of the way we make these decisions.” Gee, that’s reassuring, but here’s a shocker: Garland was not exactly being honest.

Just the News reported Thursday that “Internal Revenue Service whistleblowers are directly challenging Attorney General Merrick Garland’s claim that David Weiss, the U.S. attorney in Delaware, was allowed to run his Hunter Biden tax probe free of political interference.” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) recently asked Garland “to describe what would happen if Weiss wanted to pursue charges against President Biden’s son outside of his Delaware jurisdiction, considering Garland hadn’t made him a Justice Department special counsel.”


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Garland responded, “I promise to ensure that he’s able to carry out his investigation and that he’d be able to run it. And if he needs to bring it in another jurisdiction, he will have full authority to do that.” However, an IRS said that at an Oct. 2022 meeting between Weiss, IRS investigators, and FBI agents, Weiss was told he could not bring his case against Hunter Biden to Washington. “And then he went back and asked for special counsel authority, and they told him no.” Impartial justice!

House Republicans could do a great deal to expose and end the Justice Department’s deep corruption if they impeached Merrick Garland. Aside from Old Joe himself, no Biden regime official would be more deserving.



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