[UPDATE] Anheuser Busch Loses $6 Billion in Market Value, Thinks Maybe It Made a 'Mistake' Bringing on Fake Woman Dylan Mulvaney

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Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Anheuser Busch lost $6 billion, whereas the company has lost that amount in market value. We apologize to our readers for this error. 


What will stop the hemorrhaging at Anheuser Busch? In a marvelous demonstration of the power of patriots to strike back against enforced woke insanity, the beer giant’s losses in market cap value have now topped $6 billion since fake woman Dylan Mulvaney became the face of Bud Light. The formerly active Bud Light Twitter account has still not tweeted since the Mulvaney story broke, and the corporation appears to be in total disarray. But apparently, this is not a case of woke executives assuming that they could implement the Left’s cultural agenda without any pushback; it has come to light that senior Anheuser Busch executives were totally blindsided by the Mulvaney campaign.

The Daily Wire reported Wednesday that the company is “allegedly pausing its marketing efforts and scrambling to implement a more ‘robust’ process for evaluating future influencer partnerships.” If this is accurate, it’s a rapid reversal from what Bud Light Vice President Alissa Heinerscheid said as recently as March 30 about how she envisioned her job in marketing the iconic brand, and from what the company itself said on April 3, that featuring Mulvaney taking a bubble bath while sipping a Bud Light was an attempt “authentically connect with audiences across various demographics and passion points.”


That was less than two weeks ago, but for Bud Light it was pre-Mulvaney, and that was a different world. Heinerscheid said: “I had this super clear mandate. It’s like, we need to evolve and elevate this incredibly iconic brand. And my, what I brought to that, was a belief in, okay, what does, what does evolve and elevate mean? It means inclusivity.” Heinerscheid disparaged Bud Light’s existing image and clearly meant that she was going to take the brand in a woke direction. But woke Bud doesn’t seem like such a great idea now, and so the “super clear mandate” appears to have been revoked, and already the company is talking about implementing a more “robust” process for choosing future “influencers.”

They need this because supposedly “no one at the senior level” had any idea that Dylan Mulvaney was slated to become Mr. Bud Light: “two sources close to the situation” say that “the decision to have Mulvaney be part of an advertising campaign targeting younger consumers was not approved by anyone in the ‘senior level’ of the company.” Okay, wait a minute. Is Alissa Heinerscheid at the senior level of the company or not? Or did not even she, with her “super clear mandate” to remake Bud Light as the Queen of Woke Beers, know that Dylan Mulvaney was about to become that queen personified?


“No one at a senior level was aware this was happening,” said the source inside Anheuser Busch. “Some low-level marketing staffer who helps manage the hundreds of influencer engagements they do must have thought it was no big deal. Obviously it was, and it’s a shame because they have a well-earned reputation for just being America’s beer — not a political company. It was a mistake.” Yeah, you could say that.

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The Daily Wire noted that “the backlash to the iconic American beer brand has been so intense that a Budweiser distributor in Missouri canceled an event with the company’s famous Clydesdale horses because everything was ‘still sensitive’ over the matter.” Oh, and there is that little matter of a $6 billion loss in market value as well. But can the beer be put back in the bottle now? The backlash against Bud Light is a clear indication that the vast majority of Americans are hardly enthusiastic about the Left’s Cultural Revolution and, whenever they actually have a choice, reject it resoundingly.

Nonetheless, if Bud Light drops Mulvaney now, it will make no difference unless it apologizes for ever bringing him on in the first place. Yet if it ever issued such an apology, the wrath from the Left and from the all-powerful Human Rights Campaign, which grades corporations on how woke they are and makes them feel the pain if they don’t toe the line, will be swift and severe.


All Anheuser Busch can do is drop Mulvaney quietly, hope he himself doesn’t have a hissy fit about it, and go on as if nothing happened. That is unlikely, however, to satisfy patriots with long memories and plenty of other beers to choose from. Bud Light looks as if it is on the way to the dustbin of history. We can only hope that its impending demise will scare some other big corporations into ending their infatuation with wokeness as well.


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