Here Are the 10 Trailers of the Movies Opening This Weekend

1. Lucy

This seems to echo 2011’s Hanna a bit in style, theme, and marketing doesn’t it? Still — not a bad movie to choose to rip off and Rotten Tomatoes seems to suggest as much with 62% of critics approving and 66% of audiences liking it. The trailer reminds of Watchmen and The Matrix a bit too, looks like Scarlett Johansson ends up going Dr. Manhattan crossed with Neo by the film’s end.


Do you like the international trailer more than the American one?

Paging Susan L.M. Goldberg: looks like a new pop culture goddess may be rising…–ys

2. My Man Is a Loser

A new movie starring John Stamos that may hit a little close to home to those following the marriage discussion this week at PJ Lifestyle and Dr. Helen’s blog:

Dr. Helen Smith: Would You Want a Wife This Clueless About Sex and Your Emotions?

Dave Swindle: Would You Want a Husband This Incompetent at Turning You On?

Dr. Helen Smith: A Classic Example of White Knighting

Dave Swindle: Deeply Religious Marriages Are Better Than Secularist Civil Unions

Francis W. Porretto: Some Thoughts on Sex and the Bonded Couple

Dave Swindle: ‘Man Is More Inclined to Do Evil Than to Do Good’ – Machiavelli

The trailer looks like this has potential to rise above the typical rom-com cliches.

3. Very Good Girls

A film directed by the mother of Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal about two young women (Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Olsen) who make a pact to lose their virginity over the summer before leaving for college.

4. A Most Wanted Man

An intriguing combination: One of the final performances of Philip Seymour Hoffman, based on a novel by John Le Carre and directed by music video director Anton Corbijn. Prediction: the usual extraordinary Hoffman performance photographed well, yet serving a morally confused, difficult-to-follow story unworthy of the talents bringing it to screen.


5. The Fluffy Movie

What do you think? Comedian Gabriel Iglesias is a likable enough guy but is he really that funny?

6. Magic in the Moonlight

Woody Allen’s new one looks to be another of his duds, meeting with cool reactions from critics.

7. Kick

A Bollywood movie looking to cross over. As strange as some of the things depicted in the trailer may be, it’s probably a much more entertaining movie than the last three films opening this week in limited and wide release…

8. Hercules

Upon seeing that this new version of the myth was directed by Rush Hour franchise director Brett Ratner it plummeted on this list. Yawn.

9. Happy Christmas

Co-starring Lena Dunham and filmed apparently in Girls-vision. Double Yawn.

10. And So It Goes

The newest from Rob Reiner looks to be as bad as you’d expect: a wince-inducing 14% on Rotten Tomatoes.


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