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Man Shocks ABC Reporter With the Real Reason He Snuck His Family Over the Southern Border at This Time

(ABC sreenshot)

As each day goes by, Joe Biden’s destructive and disastrous presidency is splayed for all to see.

The Alaskan meeting with China was an unmitigated disaster on international TV. The new president jumped back into agreements that former President Trump had extricated the U.S. from, believing they weren’t good for citizens.

And then there’s the ongoing disaster at the border.

On February 2, Biden signed executive orders ending the wildly successful programs implemented by Trump to keep the waves of illegal alien caravans at bay and prevent them from overwhelming the immigration system.

At the time Biden assured whoever was listening that he would “better manage our borders.” He promised America would be “safer, stronger, more prosperous when we have a fair, orderly, and humane, and legal immigration system.” But he hasn’t explained how America is “safer, stronger, and more prosperous” by allowing COVID-infected people into a country partially locked down and afflicted with the same pandemic. The situation at the border is all you need to know about how serious the Biden administration really is about COVID. Apparently, Biden and company are so sanguine about this pandemic that they’re purposely importing people with the disease. Remember that fact when Biden issues a mask mandate, decides you can’t travel without a vaccine passport, or eat a hot dog with more than three people on July 4th.

When the border is open, the country is open.

While legal travelers must prove they’re not infected with the Wuhan coronavirus, illegal aliens do not. In fact, they’re given free rides and hotel rooms across the country whether they have it or not, which is better than the National Guard is getting in D.C.

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And if you were in any doubt about why this wave of humanity pours over the southern border at this time, it is no longer an unsolved mystery. We get our answer from a man from Brazil who brought in his family illegally and was getting ready for his free bus ride from Tucson to a place where he will then disappear when ABC’s Martha Raddatz caught up with him.

Here’s the highlight:

ABC’s Martha Raddatz to illegal alien who crossed the border: “Would you have tried to do this when Donald Trump was president?” Illegal alien: “Definitely not.” Raddatz: “Did you come here because Joe Biden was elected president?” Illegal: “Basically”

In his remarks when he signed the executive orders blowing up Trump’s immigration policies that were working for U.S. citizens, Biden called them “harmful and counterproductive.” For whom, exactly? What country is he president of again?

Trump worked with Mexico to establish the “remain in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers who routinely jumped over Mexico to apply to come to the U.S. Asylum seekers are required to apply in the first safe country they come to, not forum shop. The policy was ruled constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court one year ago.

The U.S. closed down a year ago to stop the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus to spare hospitals from being overwhelmed. Interesting, isn’t it, that there’s no such concern about overwhelming the border?


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