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Senate Chads Ditch Masks While Beta Losers in the House Mind Nanny Nancy

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

On Monday, the Senate decided to ditch the mask mandate, which has been in place for too long, after the CDC updated its guidance and recommended that people who are vaccinated can go maskless. Bryan Preston reported on this:

Newsmax reports that the United States Senate has chosen to follow the very latest from the CDC and has dropped its mask mandate.

“I think it’s just kind of the CDC guidance,” said Sen. John Thune , R-S.D., told The Hill Monday.

According to the report, most members in the upper chamber, including leadership on both sides of the aisle, shed their masks as they returned for a procedural vote.

The CDC announced last week that anyone who has been “completely” vaccinated from COVID-19 can now stop wearing masks and socially distancing from other fully vaccinated people indoors.

I’m not surprised that Democrats aren’t taking their masks off and instead are double- and triple-masking (probably alone in their cars just to feel extra special). The mask issue has been exactly the kind of divisive hot-button issue they love that pits people against each other. They aren’t going to let go of that gold mine for a long time. Nancy Pelosi is proving it by ordering the division to continue despite the CDC recommendations and the fact that 75% of the House is vaccinated. That’s a big majority but Nanny Nancy doesn’t care about the science. It’s all about how it looks.

It’s also a way to signal what woke private companies should do to keep the hatred and the division going, which Democrats feed off of, by announcing a strategy to discriminate against the unvaccinated. From Newsmax:

A speaker for Pelosi’s office later confirmed to Bloomberg that the mandate would remain because it is not known how many representatives in the house are fully vaccinated.

The closest estimate Pelosi has is from April 29 when she told ABC News that 75% of the membership were vaccinated and that 100 members were not as of that date.

“We can’t require vaccinations for the members of Congress, much less the American people,” Pelosi told ABC News in April. “The (House) physician cannot tell us Democrats, Republicans or who — and that’s right, we should be respecting people’s privacy.”

We can’t require vaccinations, but you can! 

I will argue, however, that any employer or store that goes down this route will face backlash and probably expensive lawsuits. It’s not just the government that can’t discriminate against people for medical reasons. The first person who asks me for my vaccination proof is going to be asked in return for their social security number, body-mass index, and whether have any communicable diseases I should be worried about.

None of this is anyone’s business. We know that the vaccination program is progressing and people are signing up to get this thing, so the best thing lawmakers can do if they want more people to get the vaccine is to act like it works! Those who are hesitant are not going to get it if life doesn’t change for the better. And creating a separate group of “untouchables” isn’t going to work either, though that’s exactly what Democrats want because of the never-ending conflict it will stir up. They love that angle. If you’re going to fight it, they will fight for it! 

They are the creators of constant chaos. It is the only play in their playbook: create a crisis and keep everyone hopping mad and hating their neighbor through any means necessary. They have cleverly figured out that if they can get you to do that, none of you will notice what lawmakers are doing to you with the strokes of many pens. It’s mad genius.

The answer is disobedience. I hope this guy means it. Be a Chad! Trust the science.

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