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Farrakhan Distances Himself from Acolyte Who Murdered Capitol Cop

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Every time there’s an act of violence that makes the national news in America, our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters on the left start hyperventilating and praying to the God they don’t believe in that the perpetrator will turn out to be a white guy. They’ve convinced themselves that every bad thing in the world is somehow a product of white supremacy, and they’re genuinely happy when they can vent the rage they’ve worked themselves into about it. So, when the news broke last Friday that someone in Washington, D.C., had killed a Capitol Police officer, the libs just knew they’d been proven right again. This time, those evil right-wing Nazis wouldn’t be able to wriggle out of their complicity in an evil crime committed by one of their own.

Tell ’em, bestselling novelist Don Winslow:

Unfortunately for Winslow and everybody else whose brains were broken over the last 5 years, the attacker turned out to be this guy.

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 (Noah Green)


The attacker, Noah Green, is described by his friends as “quiet and nonviolent.” But in the weeks leading up to the attack, Green was preoccupied with Louis Farrakhan:

Just as with the recent shootings in Atlanta and Boulder, this violent crime went against the “white supremacy” narrative. Therefore, the victims of those crimes don’t matter as much to journos and other Democrats.

And now Farrakhan is washing his hands of Noah Green. Jerry Dunleavy, Washington Examiner:

Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam attempted to distance themselves from the man who killed a Capitol Police officer in a vehicle attack Friday after it emerged that he was a follower of the controversial group…

The group acknowledged that Noah Green attended one of their conferences, made a $1,000 donation to the organization, and was studying to join the religion, but he had not become a member yet…

“It is being reported that Noah Green was a ‘follower’ of the Nation of Islam. This young man, Noah Green, we believe may have attended our Saviours’ Day convention in Detroit, Michigan in February 2020. In March of 2020, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we closed our Mosques, and began conducting meetings and classes remotely. A search of our records indicates Noah Green was not a registered member of the Nation of Islam,” the statement said. “It appears that in late summer (August-September) of 2020, he started the process to begin his study to become a member, but he did not complete the process.”

And Farrakhan has put out a statement of his own, using the Twitter account that still hasn’t been shut down no matter what he does:

Is Farrakhan responsible for what this kid did? Not in my opinion. But my opinion doesn’t matter when a right-wing public figure is being blamed for violence committed by one of his followers. Hell, it doesn’t even need to be violence. A kid wearing a MAGA hat in D.C. was enough to drive the media into a frenzy for weeks, and all he did was smirk at a Native American guy who was banging a drum in his face. Now this other kid just murdered a Capitol cop, and the libs just want to move on dot org.

So now Noah Green’s name will fade from the national news, to the extent that it even made news. And we wait until somebody else with mental problems finally snaps and murders some people. If the killing is useful to the leftist narrative, they’ll run with that. If not, they’ll pivot to gun control, if the killer uses a gun. If there’s some other murder weapon, the libs will pivot to… I dunno, Biden’s dogs? Or the Easter Bunny, or Kamala’s shoes, or some other distraction. And nothing will be learned, and nobody will be convinced one way or the other, and we’ll all wonder how we ever got to this point in America.