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Ousted Border Chief: U.S. Border Security 'Worse Than Ever' Under Biden

Ousted Border Chief: U.S. Border Security 'Worse Than Ever' Under Biden
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In his first in-depth interview since his “retirement” and a frightening letter to Congress, ousted U.S. Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott sounded the alarm about “the avoidable and rapid disintegration” of our nation’s border security. Finally free to speak out, Scott, a 29-year veteran of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), had much to say about President Joe Biden’s “worse than ever” immigration policies, which are contributing to the increasingly dangerous situation not only at the southwestern U.S. border but deep inside the country’s interior. Scott claims the situation is much worse than the administration has told Congress and the American public.

After objecting to the inconsistency of Biden’s immigration policies, Scott was “pushed out” of his position as chief. “I was told in June that I was going to be moved out of the chief’s position,” explained Scott. “I was told that they … really wanted me to stay, really wanted me to be part of the team, and that they would give me any field leadership position that I wanted if I was willing to stay.” When he asked why they would trust him in one of those alternate positions when they clearly no longer trusted him as chief, Scott said he “got a very weird nonsensical answer.” As a result, Scott felt if he stayed on, the Biden Administration would “control [his] voice” and he knew “the threat of what was going on was too severe,” concerning national security. After 29 years, Scott chose to retire so he could be free to sound the alarm bells to both Congress and the American people about what’s really going on at our southern border.

For the former CBP chief, ‘border security’ is not just the miles and miles of the unfinished border wall. It’s the large groups of migrants intentionally coming over our southwestern border in order to overwhelm CBP. Scott explained the drug cartels have figured out how to systematically overwhelm our border patrol agents. Nothing is allowed to cross “the southwest border without the approval of or without paying the cartel,” Scott said. So, in certain locations, these massive migrant groups are used by the cartels as a tool to flood an area in order to draw CBP agents away from other border areas.

“The Del Rio Bridge is a perfect extreme example,” explained Scott. “Hundreds of miles of the border were evacuated by U.S. Border Patrol for days,” he emphasized. “There were literally hundreds of miles of the U.S. border where we have no idea what crossed for days.” While the media and CBP focused on Del Rio, “the cartel was bringing fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, and people that aren’t willing to surrender across that border,” Scott said.

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As we know, what comes across the border doesn’t stay at the border. “If you had a fentanyl death in your community … that came from Mexico—don’t have huge fentanyl labs in the U.S.—that’s what the cartel is bringing in behind this mass migration,” said Scott.

When the Biden Administration bothers to address the situation at the border, they want to focus on “immigration and humanity,” not all the other dangerous issues involving border security. This is unacceptable to Scott. “You can’t separate it. You either have secure borders or you don’t.” 

It’s not just the ineffective Biden immigration policies that concern Scott. He’s also worried about the administration’s COVID mandate and its devastating impacts on the CPB agents. As federal employees, all border patrol agents are required to get vaccinated for COVID-19 or risk being fired. According to Scott, only 52% of CBP agents have been vaccinated so far. “They have a system they’re supposed to go in and type in whether they got the vaccine or not,” said Scott. “48% of the Border Patrol either has not gotten the vaccine or just hasn’t put it into the system; that’s about 10,000 agents that are on the chopping block right now.”

Losing 10,000 agents is a serious and urgent threat to the national security of this country, but that’s not the only problem Scott sees with Biden’s mandate. At the same time Biden is mandating agents be vaccinated or lose their jobs, the administration is also ordering the release of “hundreds if not thousands” of unvaccinated illegal aliens into the U.S. Migrants are “never COVID tested by the federal government,” said Scott. “They are supposedly COVID-tested by non-governmental agencies helping them get to their final destination,” but there’s no vaccine mandate for migrants because it’s illegal to force it on them. “The hypocrisy is just amazing,” said Scott.

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Meanwhile, Scott wanted to remind Americans that these large migrant groups continue to come to the border every single day. “There’s a caravan coming up through Mexico now,” he said. “Border Patrol was arresting 6,000 to 7,000 people with 1,000 getaways on a daily basis when I left office.” That’s the equivalent of “two caravans every single day but no one wants to cover it.” Those arrests and “getaways” are only the ones we know about, since there’s no way to know how many violent criminals, narcotics, or terrorists have come across undetected.

In his letter to Congress, Scott urged our representatives “to request detailed information from DHS, CBP on the number of individuals with terrorist screening database alerts that USBP has arrested for this fiscal year,” and so they weren’t misled, to “specifically ask for comparative data from previous years” because Scott did not trust Biden political appointees to not misrepresent the data on terrorists being let into the country. If Congress did ask for that data from the Terrorist Screening Database, Scott knew they would find that the threats of jihadist terrorists coming into the country have increased over the years since the 9/11 attacks and after Biden’s pull-out debacle in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, it’s likely we’ll never know just how many terrorists have snuck across our borders—while the Biden Administration had its attention on SJW issues like climate change, gender equity, and paying illegal aliens for being separated from their families while breaking our immigration laws under the Trump Administration—until they attack us. Talk about a push/pull factor: what will happen once the migrants in South America and all over the world hear about those payments? “The wave is already coming,” warned Scott. “It’s just going to continue to increase,” but he’s “yet to see this administration take one single action to try to stop the flow.”

So, when do we draw the line and finally secure our borders? Scott said “the template was there” under the Trump Administration. However, Biden reversed it all. “We have gaps in the border now that we didn’t even have under Obama because we tore out the old barriers,” said Scott, who finds the situation at the border a purely political one. He believes it’s time for the American public to demand answers and hold Biden and his administration accountable.

Watch the full interview here.