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Some 'Build Back Better' Claims Must Be Debunked

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The U.S. House passed their profligate multi-trillion-dollar boondoggle Friday morning, with all Republican congressmen opposing it.

Over at National Review, Phil Klein relayed some statistics and concluded that no politician who voted affirmatively can be deemed “moderate” again, effectively leaving Maine Rep. Jared Golden as the last non-radical Democrat representative in Washington.

The superficial morons, however, are very excited about utter nonsense.

The long-term effects of “Build Back Better” (BBB) will cause economic ruin, including worsening inflation.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the federal government has flooded the economy with over $5 trillion in deficit spending, often doled out to left-wing special interest groups.

The prodigious spending is the major culprit in our country’s largest bout of inflation in decades. And families feel the effects. A Pew poll shows 93% of Americans are concerned or very concerned about inflation.

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Let’s take a cursory look at three easily-debunked claims the Democrats have made this summer and fall about their tax-and-spend initiatives.

  • Debunked Claim No. 1: President Joe Biden said BBB must pass to lower costs for working families.

Lower costs usually mean that the price of something goes down. Apparently, when the Biden administration says “lower costs,” they mean that the government subsidizes partisan causes.

Entities with generous, long-term federal subsidies, such as universities, have increased costs for decades that far outpace economic growth. Federal meddling makes prices rise; it does not lower them.

Welfare expansions that gut work requirements hurt poorer families by encouraging government dependency and reducing the overall workforce. A smaller workforce equals less production, which means higher prices for businesses and increased inflation. I doubt “The Squad” types understand.

  • Debunked Claim No. 2: Biden has stated ad nauseam for months that BBB won’t cost the U.S. taxpayer a dime, but that stance recently was proven false.

The idea that trillions of dollars in spending and tax credits have zero cost is absurd. In elementary school, I learned that every penny the federal government spends comes from somewhere. If it’s borrowed, monies come from future taxpayers, many of whom are children now.

The fact that the regime continues to use an obviously false talking point — backed by obsequious media — suggests that it can’t come up with proper defenses for its radical agenda.

  • Debunked claim No. 3: The refrain of “This bill is fully paid for” and thus won’t add to inflationary pressures.

Progressives claim the bill’s tax hikes are enough to pay for all the spending, so the bill wouldn’t make inflation worse. But the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said this week that the legislation is absolutely not paid for and would actually add hundreds of billions to the national debt. As such, the true cost of the bill is more than double what Democrats claim.

With spending up front, and taxes delayed across a decade, the new deficit spending will force prices to soar even further when families can least afford it.

They also say it’ll lower costs for working families and “ease longer-term inflationary pressures.” Even if those merits were plausible, the bill does not address the inflation — and perhaps deflation — Americans are suffering through right now.

The BBB package is the last thing the economy needs 10 months into Biden’s failed term. Republicans deserve credit, not duplicitous opprobrium, for wholeheartedly rejecting socialism Friday.

The U.S. Senate should now stop this disastrous bill.