NY Judge Restores Mask Mandate Temporarily After Kids Got One Day of Freedom

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It never ends here in New York. The Branch Covidians are working overtime to make sure our kids never breathe fresh air again. After a Supreme Court judge struck down Kathy Hochul’s “mask mandate” as “void and unenforceable” because it did not go through the legislature, the governor just found another judge to temporarily restrain the people from exercising our freedom while the state appeals the ruling. This is an absurd tactic. For one, the mandate expires on February 1 and no one expects Hochul will be able to renew it on a bogus “emergency” yet again. Even Hochul expects everyone to take the masks off. So why is she spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer money to fight a ruling that found her to be in violation of the law?



Thousands of parents sent their kids into schools today without masks as a sign to administrators that we aren’t going to take this lying down anymore. That act of disobedience was so frightening to the districts that several school boards canceled their in-person meetings the same evening and opted to have them online instead, while shutting off the cameras for the audience during public comment so the public could not get any support from hearing one another and the righteous anger that parents feel at the schools.

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For months, no one in New York has been wearing masks except our kids, which is evident from Kathy Hochul’s photoshoots.

Before the late afternoon ruling came down keeping the mandate in place temporarily, I interviewed the plaintiff in the case, Michael Demetriou. That interview can be heard in full below. I asked him what would happen if the judge ruled against him and issued the stay. “We’ve already moved into plan B and C,” he said. “We’ve been prepared for this and we’re ready for the next steps.”

The fight isn’t over. Parents who have been working to remove masks from kids for months are hopping mad. Radio talker Shannon Joy took to Facebook and encouraged parents in New York to continue sending their kids to school without masks. “Tomorrow, send your children to school without masks,” she said. “You do not need permission to exercise your God-given constitutional rights.” Joy then quoted Martin Luther King Jr., saying, “We have an obligation as citizens of the United States of America to obey just laws. Similarly, we have an obligation as human beings and citizens to disobey unjust laws.”


You can hear my whole interview with Demetriou below.


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