Trans Activists Call for More Blood After Nashville Shooting

Following the mass shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville on Monday, there were concerns regarding a possible connection between the shooter and the Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN), which had called for a “Day of Vengeance” this Saturday. Though at the moment, there is no known link between the shooter and the group.


Some had speculated that TRAN might tone down their rhetoric or even cancel their planned “Day of Vengeance” in light of the tragic events. But instead, the group is escalating their calls for violence and expressing support for the shooter, Audrey Hale.

In a statement for the media released Monday, the group neither confirmed nor denied knowing Audrey Hale, but suggested she was driven to commit her crimes because of an existential threat against transgender people, the so-called “trans genocide.”

“We do not claim to know the individual or have access to their inner thoughts and feelings,” the group’s statement read. “We do know that life for transgender people is very difficult, and made more difficult in the preceding months by a virtual avalanche of anti-trans legislation, and public callouts by Right Wing personalities and political figures for nothing less than the genocidal eradication of trans people from society.”

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“Trans genocide” is a conspiracy theory perpetuated by LGBTQ allies and the radical left that insists transgender people are systemically targeted with violence. However, this is easily disproved by FBI statistics.

The statement continues:

Many transgender people deal with anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide, and PTSD from the near-constant drum beat of anti-trans hate, lack of acceptance from family members and certain religious institutions, denial of our existence, and calls for de-transition and forced conversion.

All of these factors contribute to a population that is medically under-served and who often face anti- trans bias while accessing care leading to significant physical and mental health disparities. Hate has consequences.


The most chilling aspect of this statement is the phrase “Hate has consequences.” Make no mistake about it, these radical left-wing domestic terrorists believe that their actions are justified. This is similar to when pro-abortion activists target pro-life pregnancy centers and churches; they believe they hold the moral high ground, which justifies their efforts to destroy and kill.

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Just look at a few examples on social media of how the rhetoric from the transgender cult and its allies has become increasingly violent:

These trans activists and leftists have been indoctrinated with a narrative that portrays them as victims who must strike their “enemies” on their own terms to avoid falling victim to a non-existent genocide. They are convinced that their actions are justifiable, and they genuinely believe that they are in the right.


It is important to understand that the violence we witnessed on Monday won’t be an isolated incident. These individuals are likely to continue their violent tactics, given their fervent belief in the righteousness of their cause.


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