McCarthy, Texas Republicans to Make 'Major' Announcement About DHS Secretary Mayorkas

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Is DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on the verge of being impeached? A group of Texas Republicans will meet with incoming Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy Tuesday afternoon in El Paso to make a “major” announcement about Mayorkas, FOX News reported Tuesday morning. The event comes amidst widespread calls for Mayorkas to be impeached over the border crisis.



The crisis at the border has become so bad that Republicans have long been promising to impeach Biden next year for his failure to secure the border. However, last month, McCarthy essentially took impeaching Biden officials off the table next year because Americans don’t “like impeachment used for political purposes at all.” We don’t, but who says it would be political to get rid of Biden officials? Several deserve to be impeached, and Mayorkas seems like the ideal official to start with.

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In addition to the border crisis, Mayorkas must also be held accountable for punishing Border Patrol agents over alleged whippings that Mayorkas knew never happened. Smearing Border Patrol agents to push a narrative hasn’t sat well with the GOP, and Mayorkas will have to answer for that one way or another next year.

It’s possible that McCarthy has changed his mind about impeachments, but it seems unlikely that he would announce an impeachment inquiry before the GOP officially takes control of Congress next year.


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