Biden's Approval Ratings, or What I Like to Call the Roaring '20s

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Boy, it seems like we’re always saying that Biden has hit “a new low,” and yet he repeatedly proves that he’s not quite finished his descent to rock bottom. According to the latest Civiqs poll, Ol’ Joe’s approval ratings have entered the 20s for the first time.


The survey found that only 29% of voters approve of the job Biden is doing as president, while 58% disapprove. More problematic for him is the fact that a mere 19% of independents approve of him, and 67% disapprove.

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Democrats are helping his numbers some, albeit slightly. Biden has the approval of less than 63% of Democrats—a stunning drop from 88% a year ago.

Biden has tried hard to use the recent Supreme Court decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization to boost himself and his party in November. If his latest approval ratings are any indication, it’s not working.



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