Is Amazon Sabotaging a Pro-Trump Kids’ Book?

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Earlier this month, former Trump official Kash Patel published The Plot Against the King, a kids’ book taking the real-life Russiagate plot to sabotage Trump’s campaign and presidency and turning it into a family-friendly tale set in medieval times. The book was published by Beacon of Freedom Publishing House, an imprint of Brave Books.


As of this writing, the book is in the top 100 of all books on Amazon and had previously been in the top ten; however, the author says that Amazon is now trying to sabotage his book.

Amazon has restricted the book to verified purchase reviews only. If you attempt to write a review without having purchased the book first, Amazon won’t let you, giving you the disclaimer: “Amazon has noticed unusual reviewing activity on this product. Due to this activity, we have limited this product to verified purchase reviews.”

However, despite this restriction, the author says that Amazon is throttling five-star ratings from verified purchase reviewers by not allowing them to be posted.

“I have received numerous complaints from supporters that after purchasing my book, The Plot Against the King on Amazon, they were not able to leave a review,” Patel says in a statement obtained by PJ Media. “Like I have experienced numerous times in the past, with the documentary The Plot Against the President, Amazon is actively throttling my book.”

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In addition to five-star reviews being throttled, Patel notes that there are about 70 unverified one-star reviews from customers who most certainly did not read the book, and haven’t been taken down despite the limitation placed on the book’s reviews. Patel wonders why Amazon allows these bogus one-star reviews to remain, “but doesn’t allow real verified customers that have read the book to review it.”


The book’s Amazon page shows there are 69 negative reviews, none of which are from verified reviewers who actually purchased the book. There are a total of 127 five-star ratings from verified purchase reviewers and there clearly could be more, but several reviewers report that they’ve been blocked from posting reviews despite having legitimately purchased the book.

“This is exactly why at BRAVE we chose to build our own site so things like this wouldn’t happen. These woke companies are using their position to push their agenda in so many novel ways it’s becoming hard to keep track of,” Trent Talbot, CEO of BRAVE Books, said in a statement. “Now we have Amazon throttling positive reviews from customers that have purchased the book while leaving negative reviews from people who haven’t. It’s obviously done to thwart the momentum Plot Against the King has created and to remove it from its ‘bestseller’ position.”

Brave Books estimates that this has happened to over half of the customers buying the book.

“It is undeniable that big tech wants to shut down the truth,” Patel says.


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