Get the Popcorn Ready, Joe Biden Is FINALLY Going to Address Congress

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You’ve been asking: “Why hasn’t Joe given an address to a joint session of Congress yet?” Well, a date has finally been set!

Joe Biden will finally address a joint session of Congress, his first-ever since taking office, on April 28.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a formal invitation on Tuesday.

“Nearly 100 days ago, when you took the oath of office, you pledged in a spirit of great hope that ‘Help Is On The Way,'” read Pelosi’s invite. “Now, because of your historic and transformative leadership, Help Is Here!”

Tell that to the immigrant children packed like sardines in Biden’s cages, who are going hungry and being sexually assaulted, Nancy.

“In that spirit, I am writing to invite you to address a Joint Session of Congress on Wednesday, April 28, to share your vision for addressing the challenges and opportunities of this historic moment,” she added.

The White House hasn’t formally responded to the invitation yet. It remains to be seen if Biden even knows what’s going on. Many have questioned why it has taken so long for Biden to address Congress. Several weeks ago Jen Psaki was asked about this, after it was pointed out that Biden had “so far gone the longest of any president in his first year without confirming a date for the State of the Union, with the exception of President Nixon in 1969.”


“Well, first, for clarity purposes — as I know this wasn’t your intention — but there is not — it’s not a snubbing happening here,” Psaki insisted. “We are in the middle of a global pandemic, and of course any joint session speech would — would look different than — than the past. We certainly intend on the president delivering a joint session speech, joint session, not a State of the Union, in the first year that they are in office, but we don’t have a date for that or timeline at this point in time. And we’ve been engaged closely with leaders in Congress about determining that.”




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