Nate Silver Accuses Dr. Fauci of Gaslighting on COVID Transmission

AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File

Dr. Anthony Fauci lost the trust of many of us a long time ago. His praise of New York COVID-19 response was certainly the last straw for me, yet, even after Fauci violated D.C.’s mask mandate, and advocated for double-masking despite acknowledging there was no data to prove it worked and his failed prediction that Texas would see an explosion of cases after the state opened, he’s been treated as an untouchable by the left. He’s been the number one poster child for mask-wearing and social-distancing post-vaccination. When he says, “You still can’t do this” or “You still can’t do that,” many people listen.


But, there are cracks emerging in Fauci’s untouchable status.

“It’s pure gaslighting at this point to say we don’t know whether vaccinated people spread the virus,” wrote famed pollster Nate Silver on Twitter. “Tons of studies—including from the CDC—show that vaccines massively reduce (though probably not entirely eliminate) transmission.”

Silver also challenged the narrative that we are currently in the middle of a “fourth wave.”


Will others on the left follow suit and start calling out Dr. Fauci?


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