5 Things Men Do that Secretly Annoy Women

So, guys: your girl drives you crazy sometimes, huh? Hey, deep down, we get it. We know that it's a lot to ask of you to keep the toilet seat up, read our minds, and talk to us. But guess what, fellas? It kinda goes both ways. And I'm not talking about the obvious, like... well, keeping the toilet seat up, or your inability to listen. We love you, but sometimes you just drive us crazy. Not only do these things drive us crazy, but we just can't understand them. We just can't understand why you do things like...

Act Like Babies When You're Sick

Why is it that when men get sick, they act as if they've just been diagnosed with terminal cancer? Women get the flu, and we don't really have the luxury of wallowing around in bed, moaning for someone to come baby us. We still have to buck up and take care of the kids, keep the house clean, and get dinner on the table. Sure, our head is pounding, our nose is running, and we feel like crap. But stuff still needs to get done.

Men, on the other hand... you get a cold, and it's like you're literally dying. You basically become five year olds crying for mommy. And who gets to play mommy? That's right, we do. We've got to cuddle you, cater to your every need, and basically treat you like you've magically turned into one of our children. It's somewhat amusing, but mostly aggravating, because, hey, we get it -- being sick sucks. But is it that hard to suck it up and deal with it? And we know, we know. You'd return the favor for us. But the thing is, women don't turn into crying, sniveling babies when we get sick. Why is it that the person who's supposed to be the tougher one in the relationship always does just that?